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Zeolite Pure Is The Best Heavy Metal Detox

Zeolite Pure®

100% natural Zeolite Pure has been successfully detoxing our many thousands of customers for over 20 years! It is the highest quality micronized medical grade 100 percent pure clinoptilolite zeolite available for absorbing and removing heavy metals! This includes aluminum, lead, arsenic and (mercury also known as Thimerosal from vaccines), mercury due to dental amalgams and other toxins and free radicals from your body while boosting the immune system and balancing the pH in the body without side effects!

FACT–Foreign cells that can cause disease do not survive or grow well in a body that has a pH-balanced environment!

This (Our) purest form of clinoptilolite zeolite has shown in published studies to be the most effective form of zeolite as a safe oral chelation product to detox the body of a lifetime of accumulative toxic heavy metals to then boost the immune system so it can better do its job of fighting bad cells, viruses, bacteria and yeast overgrowth (Candida)

All ingredients in Zeolite Pure listed by the FDA GRAS List are generally recognized as being safe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Safe Natural Zeolite Pure Is 100 Percent Clinoptilolite Zeolite contained in a 400 gram jar with ZERO additives! It is far superior compared to all of the greatly diluted liquid zeolite products including sprays on the market that are actually mostly water in a VERY small bottle sold by high dollar Multi-Level Marketing Companies. ( MLM’s)

Zeolite Pure micronized powder is tasteless, non gritty and easy to mix in water, juice or smoothies to consume or if desired it can be added into the food that you eat. It’s great mixed in gravy, pudding or applesauce for children!

Zeolite Pure zeolite in micronized (0-40 microns) powder form is far less expensive to purchase and it’s you’re BEST VALUE because it does not have the added expense of being manufacturing into capsules, loaded into multiple bottles and packaging. You get a lot more for your money!


NOTE: Always drink plenty of extra water while doing this or any detox. PLEASE CALL FOR DOSAGE INFORMATION!

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Zeolite has a honeycomb-like
structure that traps Toxins

Zeolite has a honeycomb like structure

DISCLAIMER: Zeolite HAS NOT been approved by the FDA as a treatment for cancer or any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on www.zeolite.com has been compiled to provide information about Zeolite. Always consult
a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product. Use at your own risk.


UPDATE:The FDA has listed Zeolite on the GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

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Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox