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Zeolite Top Quality Products

Zeolite Pure®

Zeolite Pure is the highest quality micronized medical grade clinoptilolite zeolite available for safely absorbing and removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from your body! As the body is detoxing to remove the heavy metals the immune system can then increase to become stronger to do its job to better protect your body. Zeolite Pure also has the bonus ability to balance the pH in the body if it’s overly acidic to make it more alkaline. There are no bad side or after effects when detoxing with Zeolite Pure.

FACT–Foreign and deformed cells that can cause disease do not survive or grow well in a body that has a pH-balanced environment!


Zeolite-AV is a breakthrough formula that contains the highest quality of Clinoptilolite Zeolite, which is blended with a proprietary concentrated Humic acid to trap and remove heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from the body. As the body is detoxed of the heavy metals the immune system can then grow stronger.
Humic acid which is organic and naturally extracted from humus in the earth’s rich soils has been shown in independent studies to coat, isolate and inhibit virus reproduction before they can attach in high numbers into healthy cells and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells (now optimized from the zeolite) to find and eradicate the virus.

Royal Detox®

Royal Detox Capsules contain a premium collection of the most effective and well-known natural detoxifiers. Combining these powerful ingredients with our high quality Clinoptilolite zeolite allows royal detox to multiply and maximize the full spectrum of heavy metal and toxin removal to deliver you with the most balanced comprehensive detox product on the market.


Capsules contains the highest quality of Clinoptilolite Zeolite with a unique formulation to help you feel energized while detoxifying your body of heavy metals for increased health and wellness!