Zeolite Pure is over 25 years proven to be the absolute best detox product on the market worldwide to safely remove lifelong amounts of accumulated toxic heavy metals out of the body that can and will suppress the immune system and damage organ functions that can and will open the door to disease and chronic health conditions.
Toxic heavy metals are accumulative in the body because the bodies filtration system which is the liver and the kidneys cannot do a proper job of removing the toxic heavy metals out of the body!
The main product we offer is called Zeolite Pure which is 100% natural and made from a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that has been micronized into a fine powder to be between 0–40 microns in size. This allows the micronized Zeolite Pure to travel throughout the bloodstream and into the organs and gut area where the immune system is located in the body to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals that are affecting those areas.
Zeolite Pure has a cage like structure with a natural negative ionic charge that the positive charged heavy metal toxins in the body are attracted to which causes the toxic heavy metals to actually be pulled into the cages of the Zeolite Pure where they bind together and are held in place like a magnet as the Zeolite Pure with the attached heavy metal toxins continue to travel throughout the body while additional toxic heavy metals are being pulled into the cages of the Zeolite Pure. Both the Zeolite Pure with attached toxic heavy metal finally exit the body through the urine and stools.
There are no side effects when detoxing with Zeolite Pure! After the body is detoxed which takes about 90 days the organs in the body and the immune system will then be able to become noticeably stronger to restore a much higher level of health and wellness!
The immune system will once again be able to do its original job of destroying bad blood cells, viruses and bacteria while also balancing the bodies pH to allow it to be more alkaline if it is already to acidic! The fact is that many peoples bodies are far too acidic due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles. Studies prove that acidic bodies are more prone to disease while alkaline bodies tend to be healthier!
The one important thing to remember when doing this or any detox is to drink plenty of clean water to keep the body flushing out the contaminants being detoxed!
Important Information To Be Aware Of---Stay away from deceptive MLM multi level marketing companies selling so called liquid zeolite products! Zeolite is a mineral that does not dissolve in water. All liquid zeolite products only contain a tiny amount of Clinoptilolite zeolite powder in a very small squeeze bottle of almost all water! Liquid zeolite products and the MLM companies that push this stuff are scams! Zeolite in micronized powder form is the only proper way of doing this very important heavy metal detox! 
Zeolite Pure Heavy Metal Detox Is Easy To Take And It Has No Taste-- Just mix and stir in the proper amount of Zeolite Pure micronized powder into a glass of water, juice or into your favorite smoothie and drink it down.
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