My name is Barry Cohen and I am writing this report to help educate to public to the true use of the these three natural detox products while explaining what they are best used for when detoxing the body. This is because they are often misrepresented to push sales and make money instead of helping people target each product for the best results when used to detox the body for the actual need they are best at helping with!
Why Zeolite Pure Is Superior To Bentonite Clay And Activated Charcoal As A Heavy Metal Detox
Zeolite Pure---- This is the absolute best product on the market for detoxing the entire body to safely remove toxic heavy metals from it! Zeolite Pure is a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that is crushed into a powder form and then further micronized to be specifically between 0-40 microns of size! PLEASE KNOW THAT THE MINERAL CLINOPTILOLITE ZEOLITE IS NOT A TYPE OF CLAY! It is probably a good idea to stay away from any and all companies that are misrepresenting and selling zeolite heavy metal detox products while marketing them as a type of clay!
100 percent natural Zeolite Pure has no taste and it is very easy to take and drink when mixed with water, juice or added into your favorite smoothie. Zeolite Pure will enter into the bodies blood stream to detox, target and safely remove the toxic heavy metals from the organs and gut area where the bodies immune system is located. Zeolite Pure targets a large amount of different types of toxic heavy metals that include mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and chromium as well as heavy metal radioactive isotopes. It is important to know that toxic heavy metals are accumulative in the body during our lives and in time they will be a major factor in suppressing the bodies immune system.
Clinoptilolite zeolite products in micronized powder form were used to successfully detox peoples bodies and animals on site and around the world during and after the radioactive disaster at Chernobyl and we supplied a huge amount of Zeolite Pure to the people and animals that were contaminated with radioactive isotopes by the Fukushima disaster.
Zeolite Pure accomplishes this detox extremely well because it has a honeycomb cage like structure that creates a natural negative ionic charge that actually attracts the positive charged heavy metals into the cages of the zeolite where they are held tightly in place like a magnet as the zeolite with attached heavy metals travel throughout the entire body while collecting the heavy metals to then exit out of the body through the urine and feces. Zeolite Pure is extremely safe with no known negative side effects.
Please know that after the toxic heavy metals are removed from the body the immune system is no longer under stress so it can then grow stronger to do its job of targeting and destroying bad cells, viruses, bacteria and yeast overgrowth. (Candida). NOTE: It is important to drink plenty of water while detoxing with Zeolite Pure and all other detox products to keep the contaminants flushing out of the body.
Zeolite Pure is also alkaline in nature and it has the additional natural ability to help balance the pH of the body to become more alkaline if it to acidic which most peoples bodies indeed are due to diets that are often high in acidity. Its is a known fact that alkaline bodies are far less prone to sickness and disease compared to acidic bodies!
The Best Detox Uses Of Bentonite Clay
Bentonite clay is formed from volcanic ash mixed in seawater that is later mixed with fresh water to form its clay like substance. It has no zeolite minerals in its structure. Bentonite clay has the ability to detox the body by absorbing toxins mostly in the stomach, liver and on the skin. It is used to help reduce aflatoxins that contaminate the body that are produced by a type of Aspergillus fungi that grows on corn, peanuts, cottonseeds, rice and tree nuts. Bentonite Clay does have the ability to remove some amounts of lead from the body and it is also used for digestive problems by absorbing certain food toxins. It is also used in makeup and skin mask products as a skin detoxifier and skin oil absorbent.
Be careful when ingesting bentonite clay when taking medications as it can absorb them to become less effective. Side effects include mild digestive discomfort, dehydration, nutrient absorption problems, skin irritations and allergic reactions.
The Best Detox Uses For Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal for detoxing the body is a black powder that is most often made from coconut shells or wood that is superheated to high temperatures between 932-1,112 degrees Fahrenheit for a timespan up to 12 hours. This in turn allows the now activated carbon to become extremely porous with millions of tiny holes. This helps to take the detox burden off of the liver and kidneys to allow the body to better filter out, absorb and bind to certain ingested toxic chemicals, poisons and created gasses before the body can absorb them to cause different types of food poisoning and other types of illness.
Activated Charcoal is also used in emergency situations for absorbing medications that have caused overdoses. The most common types of medications activated carbons are used for as a detox includes acetaminophen, antidepressants, sedatives and alcohol! It is also used to absorb the ingestion of household cleaners, paint thinners , gasoline, solvents and other chemicals! Hospitals routinely use activated charcoal for these situations in emergency rooms.
We hope that this article has been helpful to learn the best targeted usage for these three detox products!
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