The toxic heavy metals in wildfire smoke include lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, mercury and arsenic! Many of these toxic heavy metals are formulated into multible types of pesticides and herbicides that are applied (sprayed) into and around woodlands, farmlands, homes and commercial buildings! These toxic herbicides include Glyphosates (Roundup) and others that are applied by the millions of gallons each and every year to chemically kill and destroy weeds and other unwanted plant life
When these dangerous toxins are burned in far reaching wildfire smoke they are easily ingested into the gut and inhaled into the lungs both indoors and outdoors during active wildfires. After these toxic heavy metal toxins enter the lungs they are then carried throughout the body by way of the bloodstream and into the organs including the brain to do their damage!
It is important to know that toxic heavy metals are accumulative in the body throughout our lives and exposures to these toxic heavy metals that are embedded into wildfire smoke can quickly overwhelm the body's immune system to cause many chronic health problems and illnesses. The human body does not do a good job of removing toxic heavy metals from the body! Our liver and kidneys do a good job of removing many different kinds of toxins, but heavy metals are not toxins that are included!
This is when the 100 percent natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite comes into the picture to safely remove these toxic heavy metals from the body! After the toxic heavy metals are removed the immune system can then grow stronger to do its job to destroy different types of threats while regulating the body's functions to operate as they should be to stay healthy!
Zeolite Pure is 100% safe and natural while also being far superior to all other heavy metal detox products on the market including other zeolite based products. This is because Zeolite Pure is and always has been the cleanest, highest quality zeolite on the market that has been micronized into a fine powder form to be able to detox the body of the accumulative effects of toxic heavy metals due to exposures to wildfire smoke and other contaminants! Zeolite Pure easily penetrates through the blood stream and into the body's organs while also detoxing the gut where the immune system is located.
Zeolite Pure is easy to take because it is tasteless and it mixes well into water, juice and smoothies to drink down during the detox. Zeolite Pure can also be added into applesauce, yogurt or pudding to make it easy for children to take. Zeolite Pure can also be mixed into pet foods to detox your beloved cats, dogs and horses.
Debilitating wildfires have been on the rise throughout the United States and worldwide to compromise the health of millions of people! Detoxing the body of the toxic heavy metals with Zeolite Pure is a smart and necessary choice to help keep your immune system and body healthy! PS. All Firefighters Should Also Be Doing This Detox!
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