A growing amount of naturopathic doctors and other MD's are now moving away from plant based heavy metal detox supplements such as Cilantro, Pectin, Spirulina, Chlorella, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and others to replace these detox products with a 100% natural mineral supplement called Zeolite Pure. Plant based detox products do have the ability to break heavy metals free in the body, however heavy metal toxins do not always bind well to plant based detox supplements and this allows a good amount of the heavy metal toxins to reabsorb back into the body before being able to exit all the way out of the body through the urine and stool. This reabsorption can easily create a herxheimer reaction to cause the person doing the detox to feel sick and because of this fact they will sometimes stop the detox!
Now Learn The Benefits Of Heavy Metal Detoxing With Over 25 Years Proven 100% Natural Zeolite Pure
Zeolite Pure is created from a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite which is a type of zeolite that has a cage like honeycomb structure with the natural ability to create its own negative ionic charge. After the zeolite is extracted from where its mined from under the ground it is crushed into a fine powder. The zeolite powder is then shipped out to a special factory that further reduces the size of the zeolite by micronizing it to be specifically between 0-40 microns of size. This to allows the Zeolite Pure to detox the entire body as it travels into the gut where the immune system is located. It then travels through the blood stream and into the organs to do this important detox. It is important to know that heavy metals have a natural positive ionic charge that cause the toxic heavy metals in the body to be attracted to and trapped into the  cages of the zeolite like a magnet.
The Zeolite Pure with attached heavy metals toxins will then exit the body through the urine and stools! None of the Zeolite Pure with attached heavy metals will absorb back into the body before exiting to recontaminate  and cause the person doing the detox to experience a herxheimer reaction to cause them to feel ill. This is a big advantage of using Zeolite Pure instead of plant based detox products to remove the toxic heavy metals out of the body! After the heavy metals are removed from the body the immune system can then boost up to grow stronger to better do its job of destroying bad cells, viruses and bacteria to help the body become stronger and healthier.
BONUS----Zeolite Pure will also help to balance the pH of the body! If the body is to acidic it will allow the body to become more alkaline! It is a documented fact that a balanced alkaline body is less prone to sickness and disease then an acidic body.
Zeolite Pure is very easy to take and it has no taste. After mixing the proper amount of zeolite powder into a glass of water, juice or into your favorite smoothie just drink it down and enjoy your detox!
If you or if you know someone that is in care of a naturopathic doctor or any holistic minded physician please feel free to show them this article and if you would like more heavy metal detox information on Zeolite Pure see the website at https://zeolite.com or call the direct office phone number at 561-629-5618.