We are now living through dangerous, uncertain and complex times here in the United States and worldwide! We have not been this close to World War 3 since the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962 when we were minutes away from both the United States and Russia launching full scale nuclear attacks on each other that would also include all allies of the United States and Russia!
The truth is that we are now facing a much larger danger from multible enemy countries that now includes Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and any other enemy allied countries that we may not know about if they have been made nuclear capable by any of the major enemy countries that could be supplying them.
Because of our now poorly protected open boarders we very well may also be facing groups of armed terrorist cells, possibly with fully capable or dirty nuclear weapons just waiting to be put into action to destroy targeted cities and or our infrastructure.
The next likely scenario to be exposed to nuclear fallout or radioactive isotopes would be from a Nuclear power plant that is in a meltdown due to a natural or man made disaster. Now that we are on the topic of nuclear power plant disasters it is also a very real possibility that a foreign or false flag EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) event could also be on the horizon to cripple our already outdated national electric power grid infrastructure and our nations economy!
The Two Urgent Products To Own And Have Ready That Will Protect And Detox Our Bodies From Radioactive Isotopes Due To A Radiation Fallout Event
This Information Is Very Important To Pay Attention To!
The Benefits Of Potassium Iodide---Preppers and educated consumers that have done their research on how to prepare for a radioactive event are often only made aware of the benefits that potassium Iodide offers to protect the thyroid gland from cancer during a radiation fallout event that exposes the body to radioactive iodine! Potassium Iodide is a good and important product to stock up on and keep ready to have for the important thyroid gland protection! It is very important to not overdose with potassium iodide by taking to much or for a longer then prescribed period of time as it can make people very sick when this happens.
It is also important to know that potassium iodide does not detox the body to remove radioactive isotopes! It only protects the thyroid gland from a radiation exposure for a short period of time!
The Second Important And Urgent Radiation Detox Product Is 100% Natural And Safe Zeolite Pure That Actually Removes Radioactive Isotopes From The Body!
We feel that the public has been poorly educated about all of the URGENT steps they can take to protect their bodies and health when a nuclear event occurs, many people fail to learn that there is an additional detox product called Zeolite Pure that is extremely important to have in stock and ready to take for exposures to radiation due to a nuclear disaster fallout event where radioactive isotopes can be brought into the bodies gastrointestinal system from the food we eat, water we drink and from ingested radioactive dust and debris.
The Benefits Of Zeolite Pure For Radiation Exposures----- Zeolite Pure is made from a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite which is a type of zeolite that is used as a detox product that safely targets and removes the toxic heavy metals out of the body that includes radioactive isotopes that are also classified as heavy metals. This includes cesium 137, strontium 90 and others. The absolute best heavy metal detox product on the market worldwide that also removes heavy metal radioactive isotopes is without question many years proven Zeolite Pure.
Zeolite Pure is mined high grade Clinoptilolite that is then crushed into a powder. It is then put through a process that micronizes the Zeolite Pure to be between 0-40 microns to allow it to travel through the body and especially into the gastrointestinal gut area where the immune system is located to detox and actually remove the heavy metal radioactive isotopes out of the body! Zeolite Pure is 100% natural and it has a cage like honeycomb structure that has a negative charge that actually pulls the positive charged heavy metals that include radioactive isotopes into the cages of the Zeolite Pure where it is held into place like a magnet.
The Zeolite Pure with the attached heavy metal radioactive isotopes will then travel through the body to finally exit through the urine and stool.
Zeolite Pure has no taste and it is very easy to take! Just mix the correct amount of Zeolite Pure micronized powder into water, juice or into a Smoothie and drink it down! Zeolite Pure can also be mixed into any food to get into the body!
Zeolite was first publicly shown to do an incredible job to remove the cesium137 and strontium 90 heavy metal radioactive isotopes from both humans and animals during and after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor power plant meltdown disaster! Many people in Japan and worldwide used Zeolite Pure to detox their bodies and animal livestock during and after the huge Fukushima nuclear reactor power plant disaster in 2011 Many tons of zeolite were also used in huge net-bags to decontaminate radioactive contaminated seawater in Fukushima as well.
If You Are A Prepper, A Health Minded Concerned Citizen Or An Agency That Needs Its People To Be Well Prepared For A Nuclear Event It Is A Smart And Good Idea To Stock Up On Both Potassium Iodide And Zeolite Pure Micronized Powder To Have The Best Chance To Stay Healthy As Possible If A Nuclear Event Occurs!
For More Information On Zeolite Pure Heavy Metal Detox See The Website At https://zeolite.com or Call The Office Direct Line At 1-561-629-5618