The truth is that this is not the case at all and our fruit, vegetables, grains and meats are still being sprayed with an amazing amount of toxic chemicals that are loaded with toxic heavy metals to protect, preserve and extend the life of the food we eat and serve to our friends and family every single day! New chemicals are being invented and produced at a very high rate and many of them make it past the required testing and regulations to slip onto the market and into our food at an alarming rate!
Glyphosate alone also known as Roundup is banned by over 33 countries that include European, South American, Central American , mid-eastern countries! However right here in the USA it is being sprayed onto farm crops at a rate of aproximently 280 million pounds each year to kill weeds that grow alongside of our fruit, vegetables and grains! Many Glyphosate herbicides contain arsenic that is known to suppress the immune system to create liver damage, cause cancers and is also proven to be a endocrine (hormone) disruptor to our bodies!
Many of the exact same toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are routinely being sprayed onto and into our food products to end up in our bodies here in the USA have been removed off of the market long ago and banned forever In European and Scandinavian countries to keep their populations healthy! This in turn takes a huge burden off of their healthcare systems!
Why won't the United States Government learn from these many other countries that keep their people healthy and follow their lead? We and many others feel that its due to lobbying by big money chemical manufacturing companies that are paying big money to the people in our Government that control and regulate the laws on the chemicals that are being applied onto and into our foods that also include genetically modified altered seeds and the chemical fertilizers to grow them to keep this vicious circle of unhealthy living going! As always FOLLOW THE MONEY!
Here Is What We Can Do Here In The United States To Ban These Chemicals And Protect Our Health?
1.Write to your state senators and congressmen and demand that Glyphosate and other toxic chemicals get banned from the market and from being applied to our food!
3.Pay attention and take extra effort and time to throughly was your fruits and vegetables before eating them!
4.Do a safe and proper heavy metal detox to remove the toxic heavy metals that are embedded into many herbicides and pesticides out of your and your families bodies!
The Best Heavy Metal Detox Product Is Safe 100% Natural Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form!
Zeolite Pure is a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that is crushed into and powder and then further micronized to 0-40 microns of size that allows it to do a full body detox to safely remove toxic heavy metals out of the body! It also has the bonus ability to help balance the pH in the body to make an acidic body less acidic and more alkaline. It has been scientifically proven by university studies that an alkaline body is less prone to sickness.
Zeolite Pure has been on the market for over 20 years helping many thousands of people remove heavy metal toxins out of their bodies! After the heavy metals are removed the immune system can then grow stronger to better do its important job of destroying viruses, bacteria and over growth of yeast (Candida) out of the body for improved health and wellness!
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