It is urgent and extremely important to know that disease causing toxic heavy metals are accumulative in our bodies throughout our entire lives! We are constantly being exposed to them in the food we eat, the water we drink and from the air we breathe! Most toxic heavy metals enter into our bodies from exposures to pesticides, herbicides, medications, forever chemicals and from heavy metal radioactive isotopes due to additional exposures to pollution and medical contrast dyes that are injected into people when getting MRI and CAT scan imaging tests!
When these toxic heavy metals become concentrated to a high enough degree in the body they are then able to lower the immune system to allow opportunistic diseases to take hold while also causing organ damage. It is a fact that the bodies toxin filtration system which are the liver and kidneys do a poor job of removing the toxic heavy metals that cause ongoing damage to the body! This is the reason heavy metal toxins increase as we grow older while breaking down the immune system and organ funtions. However toxic heavy metals can be safely detoxed and removed!
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