My name is Barry Cohen and I am the long time over 30 years owner of, that has helped many thousands of people detox their bodies of the toxic heavy metals that can compromise and lower the immune system due to the fact that toxic heavy metals are accumulative in the body throughout our entire lives until they are properly removed by detoxing with 100% natural Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox to then allow the immune system to grow stronger to again do its original function which is to protect the bodies organs and immune system in many different ways!
The Parasite Questions
Through the years many of our thousands of customers that come to us to properly detox their bodies of toxic heavy metals we are often asked if our Zeolite Pure or our other zeolite products will remove, prevent, kill or destroy parasites or the waste that parasites excrete while living in the body of those that are infected with parasites!
People ask us these questions due to the fact that there are many other companies that are selling inferior zeolite products that are total SCAMMERS that routinely make totally false claims of removing parasites, killing parasites, destroying parasites and removing parasite waste along with many other types of false claims in order to sell as many products as possible to people that want to improve their health.
Many of these companies are MLM multi level marketing companies selling scam liquid zeolite products and low quality agricultural grade zeolite powders that are not clean and micronized for proper detoxing and human consumption! Companies that misrepresent the products they sell to sick desprate people trying to get well are the true parasites!
The Truth Exposed
THE TRUE FACT IS THAT NO ZEOLITE PRODUCT LIQUID OR POWDER WILL REMOVE, PREVENT, KILL OR DESTROY PARASITES OR REMOVE THEIR WASTE FROM THE BODY!! It would be wonderful if zeolite did work to deal with parasites as these scam companies falsely advertise but the truth is the truth and it is very important that you are educated to this honest information about zeolite and parasites especially if you are suffering from a parasite infection! We totally advise you to stay away from any company that is making these false claims! There are many different ways to kill parasites with the proper targeted natural and pharmaceutical products! Zeolite products are not one of them!
The True Functions Of Proper Zeolite Products, Especially Zeolite Pure As A Heavy Metal Detox
Zeolite Pure is 100% natural and made from a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that is crushed into a powder and then micronized into a finer powder that is between 0-40 microns of size to be able to penetrate and travel throughout and detox the entire body. Zeolite Pure has a cage like honeycomb structure with a natural negative charge that positive charged toxic heavy metals are attracted to like a magnet!
The heavy metals are actually pulled into the cages of the zeolite and are held tightly in place as the zeolite with attached heavy metals travel throughout the bloodstream, into the organs and into the gut where the immune system is located to pick up additional heavy metals as it travels through the body to finally exit through the urine and stool.
Zeolite Pure also has the bonus ability to balance the pH of the body to allow an acidic body to become more alkaline. It is a scientific fact that an alkaline body is prone to be much healthier then an acidic body which is more prone to disease and all to common with most peoples poor eating habits. Detoxing with Zeolite Pure does not cause people to feel sick which is called a healing crisis as many plant based detox products do. This is because absolutely zero amounts of Zeolite Pure with attached heavy metals absorb back into the body to recontaminate it before exiting all the way out.
It is our hope that after reading this article you are now educated to the fact that Zeolite Pure and any other zeolite product is useless for parasites in any way shape or form while now also knowing that Zeolite Pure is the absolute best detox product on the market for the safe removal of toxic heavy metals from the body!
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