First people must learn why detoxing the body of toxic heavy metals is urgent and extremely important to do for yourself, your family and pets! Its because they are accumulative in your body throughout your entire lives! This is due to the bombarded of our bodies by toxic heavy metals that are contained in the pesticides and from the arsenic in the glyphosate herbicides (Roundup) that are sprayed next to and on the vegetable's, fruits and grains that we eat on a daily basis!
These same heavy metal toxins are in the feed that chickens, pigs and cows eat that end up on your dinner table! They are also in the water due to soil runoff from farms that fish live, eat and swim in! Additional toxic heavy metal exposures occur at home and on the job for many people in various industries that deal with heavy metal toxins!
One of the major problems with toxic heavy metal contamination is that the liver and kidneys in our bodies cannot do a proper job of removing them and this is the reason why the toxic heavy metals are allowed to increase in our bodies! In time these toxic heavy metals can weaken the immune system to cause the development of chronic health problems and worse!
This is the main reason why it is so important to utilize a safe heavy metal detox product to remove the toxic heavy metals from the body! After the heavy metal toxins are removed the immune system can then boost up to become stronger so it can do its job to protect the organs and bodily functions to a much higher level for increased health and wellness and a better overall quality of life!
Why Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form Is The Best Heavy Metal Detox Product And Superior To All Liquid Zeolite Products
Zeolite Pure is made from a 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that has been crushed into a powder! It is then sent out to be further micronized to be made even smaller to properly detox the body!
Zeolite Pure has a cage like structure that has a natural negative ionic charge that actually attracts the positive charged heavy metals into the cages of the zeolite where they are then held into place like a magnet as they travel throughout the body while picking up additional heavy metals.
Zeolite Pure micronized powder has been helping many thousands of people detox to safely remove the toxic heavy metals from their bodies since 1999. It is specifically formulated to be from 0-to 40 microns of size. This is so the smaller microns of Zeolite Pure is able to detox the full body through both the blood stream and into the organs while also allowing the larger microns of zeolite to travel into the gut where the immune system is located in the body to properly detox that area! After traveling throughout the body, the Zeolite Pure with attached heavy metals will exit through the urine and stool.
Zeolite Pure is easy to take and it has no taste! Just mix the correct amount of powder into a glass of water, juice or smoothie. Stir and drink it down!
Zeolite Pure also has the special added ability to help balance the pH of the body! Most people's bodies are far to acidic and Zeolite Pure will help make the body more alkaline! It is a fact that an alkaline body tends to be a healthier body!
Liquid zeolite products are manufactured by mixing a VERY SMALL (MINUTE) amount of zeolite powder into a small plastic squeeze or spray bottle of sterilized water! Almost all liquid zeolite products are produced by MLM multi level marketing companies that MAKE HUGE PROFITS BY SOLICITING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE INTO PURCHASING, STOCKING AND SELLING THESE LIQUID ZEOLITE PRODUCTS AS DEALERS FOR THE MOTHER COMPANY WITH ALL KINDS OF FAR FETCHED CLAIMS!
These MLM companies are in business to make huge profits selling products that have tremendous profit margins for the people at the top that operate these MLM's! Liquid zeolite products sell for approximately $30.00 to $80.00 for a single small 1 ounce or less plastic bottle that is almost all water and very little zeolite! If to much zeolite is added into into these small bottles it would jam up the bottles and prevent the liquid from exiting the bottle! The honest and actually truth is that even if they gave these bottles of liquid zeolite products away for free, the people taking it would only get very little zeolite and almost no benefit when doing a liquid zeolite heavy metal detox!
We Hope That You Now You Know That Liquid Zeolite Products Are A Scam And Why Zeolite Pure Is The Absolute Best Detox To Safely And Properly Remove Toxic Heavy Metals From The Body!
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