The older we become the higher the concentration of toxic heavy metals will be in our bodies to affect and reduce our immune system in many ways that can cause chronic health problems that include life threatening diseases.
Important Note: Depending on the type and amount of heavy metal exposure, younger people that include children that can also be drastically affected to cause these exact same health problems! It's simply a fact that older people are more prone to failing health due to the many years of toxic heavy metal exposures!
Where The Accumulative Toxic Heavy Metal Exposures Are Coming From
We are routinely exposed to toxic heavy metals from the food we eat! Especially from poorly washed fruits and vegetables! All meat products that include beef, pork, chicken, lamb and others contain amounts of heavy metals in them from the food that they eat. Anything that comes from a farm is almost always contaminated with heavy metals due to the spraying of pesticides and herbicides to kill invasive bugs and weeds! Glyphosate (Roundup) that contains arsenic a very toxic heavy metal is sprayed directly onto our fruits, vegetables and grains to kill weeds by the multible millions of pounds each and every year!
Other everyday toxic heavy metal exposures come from chemicals in the air we breathe and from poorly filtered water we drink due to the industrial contamination of our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans! This also contaminates the fish and the seafood we eat! Other common sources of toxic heavy metal exposures come from building materials, medications, and the products we purchase and depend on and use every day! Especially from many of the products that are manufactured in China!
Comparing Detox Products To Remove Toxic Heavy Metals Out Of The Body
There are a few different ways to detox the body to remove the toxic heavy metals which will then take the strain off of the body's organs and immune system to then allow it to grow stronger!
The first way is with a man made pharmaceutical chemical called EDTA otherwise known as (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) EDTA causes heavy metals to bind into this chemical before it is flushed out of the body. EDTA does work, however it is very dangerous and it can cause dangerous side effects that can include seizures, low blood sugar, irregular heart beat, organ damage, especially kidney damage and other problems. Because of the danger involved blood work and kidney function tests must be done before, during and after the EDTA detox to help look for and to possibly prevent kidney damage. We feel that this is not a good choice for heavy metal detoxing.
The second way people attempt to detox to remove toxic heavy metals out of the body is with plant based products that include, spirulina, chlorella, seaweed, cilantro, and a few others. These plant based detox products do help the body release a portion of heavy metals out of the body. However the toxic heavy metals do not bind well to plant based detox products and the body can reabsorb a good amount these toxins back into the body before they are able to totally exit out. This can cause what is called a Herxheimer Reaction that can make people feel sick.
The Best Heavy Metal Detox Product Is 100% Natural Zeolite Pure Micronized Powder
Zeolite Pure is made from a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite that is finely ground into a fine powder and it is then further micronized to be between 0-40 microns of size.
Zeolite Pure is tasteless and it is made to be taken orally by mixing it into water, juice or into your favorite smoothie to then detox the body as it travels through the bloodstream and into the body's organs.
Zeolite Pure will also enter into the gut to detox the immune system where it is located. The toxic heavy metals are attracted to and bind into the cage like structure of the Zeolite Pure like a magnet where they are held fast into place as the zeolite and attached toxic heavy metals travel throughout the body collecting additional heavy metals to then safely exit out of the body through the urine and feces.
Zeolite Pure has been on the market for many years helping many thousands of people do this detox. It is extremely affective, safe and without side effects. 
NOTE: Always drink plenty of water and fluids when doing any detox to keep the toxins flowing out of the body!
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