It is now extremely important for serious thought and to take affirmative measures to move forward to do a proper full body heavy metal detox to become healthier for a longer happier life! It is also important to be aware that our kidneys and liver do a poor job of removing toxic heavy metals from our bodies! This is exactly why these toxins are able to accumulate to damage our bodies! Many doctors and everyday people are now choosing the 100% safe and natural heavy metal detox product called Zeolite Pure above all others to remove these heavy metal toxins!
How Toxic Heavy Metals Are Contaminating Our Bodies And Where They Are Coming From
It is unfortunate, but the truth is that we now live in an extremely toxic world due to non-stop exposures to heavy metal toxins in our daily lives that are coming from the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are applied to our fruits, vegetables, stored meats and poultry products at the farms where they are grown. Additional pesticides are applied in the storage areas where the food is kept and distributed from. The food is then transported by ships, trucks and trains where the storage containers are fumigated with toxic chemical gases to prevent insect infestations, bacteria and mold growth on the food and other goods that are being delivered to the grocery and department stores to then be purchased by us, the general public! This is why it is so very important to really make a major strong effort to wash your fruits, vegetables and other food items well before eating them cooked or raw.
Other Common Sources Of Toxic Heavy Metal Contamination
Other toxic heavy metal exposures that easily make their way into our bodies come from the air we breathe and the water we drink due to factory pollution that spew heavy metal toxins into the air and into the groundwater that flow into our rivers, lakes, streams and into the wells at family homes and businesses. If you drink and bathe from well water it is very important to send off yearly water samples to the proper testing laboratories so they can be checked out for heavy metals and other unhealthy toxins!
Other sources that can cause heavy metal poisoning are right in and around our homes due to the spraying of herbicides (Glyphosate) Roundup to kill weeds and from insecticide pesticides that are routinely sprayed around our properties and directly in our homes! Additional heavy metal exposures come from paints, solvents and chemical outgassing from household furnishings and other items!
Why Zeolite Pure Is Superior Compared To The Other Heavy Metal Detox Products
There are a few main types of heavy metal detox products on the market to remove these toxins that include plant based products such as chlorella, cilantro, spirulina and pectin. Next is IV chelation therapy with the chemicals called EDTA and DMSA. We have saved the best for the last heavy metal detox product which is extremely safe and 100% natural Zeolite Pure micronized powder! I will now give you some good information on each of these 3 types of toxic heavy metal detox products.
Plant Based Heavy Metal Detox Products-----Many people still take plant based detox product for removing heavy metals out of the body. However there are a couple of related negative facts to consider. Plant based detox products that include chlorella, cilantro, spirulina and pectin do pull heavy metal toxins out of the body. However since heavy metals do not bind well to these and other plant based detox products, a good amount of the broken loose heavy metals are able to be reabsorbed back into the body before they can exit all the way out. This in turn can produce what doctors call a herxheimer reaction which cause people to feel sick when they are being recontaminated with the reabsorbed heavy metals that are going back into the body. These symptoms can include fever, chills, headache, flushing, mild hypotension and other problems. This is also the reason that some people quit detoxing with plant based products before the detox has been completed.
IV Chelation Therapy With The Chemical EDTA And Others----EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and other closely related IV chelation chemicals are dripped into the body by a doctor to bind heavy metals to these chemicals to then pull them out from within the body where they then exit out through the urine and stool. These chemicals do a good job of binding to the heavy metal toxins that they are targeted to remove. However these IV chelation chemicals are not able to properly remove a broad spectrum to heavy metals all at the same time. Most people do IV chelation to target the removal of lead, mercury and sometimes arsenic due to specific sources of poisoning. Another problem with these potent chelation chemicals are, if they are not dosed at the correct amount these chemicals can cause many dangerous medical side effects that include fevers, headaches, nausea. anemia, seizures, brain damage, kidney damage, liver damage, severe allergic reactions that can include anaphylactic shock and other side effects. Because of the danger for these side effects, bloodwork testing must be done often during the entire time that the IV chelation heavy metal detoxes are being done.
The Absolute Best Heavy Metal Detox Product On The Market Worldwide Is Called Zeolite Pure!----This is because over 20 years proven Zeolite Pure is extremely safe and it binds to toxins extremely well to remove a broad spectrum of toxic heavy metals all the way out of the body without any reabsorption back into the body with no side effects or health problems! Zeolite Pure is made from a 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite that is mined from under the ground and then crushed into a powder. The zeolite powder is then sent out to a specialty company to have it micronized to be even smaller between 0-40 microns of size. This allows the Zeolite Pure to travel within the blood stream and throughout the body to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals that have accumulated in the organs including in the gut where the immune system is located! After the health robbing heavy metal toxins are removed, the immune system and the entire body can then boost up to become stronger to help fight off many causes of future health problems while providing a healthier longer lifespan!
Many naturopathic doctors and health professionals recommend over 25 years proven Zeolite Pure to their patients because they know that it is safe and the best full body detox choice for removing all toxic heavy metals out of the body!
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