My name is Barry Cohen and I am the one and only original owner of the URL domain name

I originally purchased on May 29th 1996 in order to sell a line of zeolite products via the Internet. I manufactured and sold my own zeolite products for the removal of chemicals and odors for the indoor air quality industry.

In time I stopped manufacturing my zeolite products to focus my energy to the sales of allergy products, which included HEPA air cleaners, air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners. I kept active and pointed it for many years to my main domain at

for people to find our HEPA air cleaners that also included zeolite in them for increased chemical and odor removal.

I always knew that was a valuable domain name to hold on to and sure enough new wonderful uses for zeolite started popping up in the news and scientific publications.

In June 2007 I received a phone call from a top distributor and internet marketer representing a large MLM liquid zeolite company. This distributor explained the merits of using liquid zeolite orally to flush chemicals and toxic heavy metals out of the body to improve health and well-being. He asked me to join his organization while leasing my domain name so he could produce a website to promote and sell his liquid zeolite product and other products sold by the large MLM company he represents to bring large profits to both of us. The liquid zeolite distributor said that he would put me in his top producing down line and I would make great money from every sale the website produced including money from down line distributors that joined from the new website and from an agreed to amount of money to allow his ability to maintain control of the design and marketing of the website. I agreed to join his organization and I joined the large MLM Company in mid June 2007.

In the beginning did extremely well and produced very sizable paychecks. However in a year’s time in 2008 the amount of money in the checks plummeted by a huge amount and drastically lowered my income. The liquid zeolite distributor continued to pay me for the lease of the website and he continued to be a top sales producer for the MLM organization that he represents. This seemed very fishy and made me question if I was really being paid the proper amount of income from the sales coming from the website and from the large organization representing the products being sold! When I approached the distributor about my huge decrease in income he told me that the website was just not producing anymore but he would do what he could to bring in more sales. I waited for this to happen for many months with no real increase of income.

I became tired of waiting for liquid zeolite sales to increase and I sensed a scam from this MLM company so I started my diligent research for a Zeolite company to safely detox to remove heavy metals from the body that truly had a higher quality zeolite product line that I could feel comfortable doing business with. This is when I found ZEO Health Ltd. I called the owner of ZEO Health and discovered that his micronized zeolite product line included REAL SCIENTIFIC PROOF of how it works and why it is far superior to all other manufacturers of liquid zeolite and ingestible zeolite powder products. 

I quit the large MLM liquid zeolite company and called the large distributor I was working with, to inform him that I had plans to go with another company in the near future because of my ongoing lack of income as part of his down-line and with the large MLM company itself.

I am now happy to announce my alliance with ZEO Health zeolite products, the original company who brought zeolite oral supplementation in the proper micronized powder form that will detox the body of toxic heavy metals through the blood, organs and gut where the immune system is located. This company also offers an amazing product called Zeolite AV with natural humic acid that also detoxes the body while also having the important ability to boost energy and the immune system.

If you are doing a heavy metal detox I urge you to check out the wonderful 100% pure zeolite products in micronized powder form that include lots of helpful and accurate scientific information on all of their zeolite products that flush out toxic heavy metals and toxins from your body. I am very happy to be able to see and understand the scientific information that is backing up these products!

UPDATE! It is now the year 2021 and business is doing extremely well! This is because many more people are now doing the 3 jar Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox to clear these toxins from the body to then allow their immune systems to grow stronger so it can better do its important jobs to keep the body healthy.

If you are a true health professional that needs a quality heavy metal detox product to recommend to your patients, I urge you to send them to for Zeolite Pure micronized powder.

NOTE: We are not an MLM based company and there are no forced or pushed monthly product purchases!

It is now half way through 2023 and our many thousands of customers are more than ever enjoying the benefits of our zeolite products because they are top quality, safe and they are still the absolute best heavy metal detox products on the market worldwide! We truly get great satisfaction in this business to help people become and stay healthy!

Attention Physicians-----Please Send Your Patients Directly To Us For The Lowest Prices And Fast Factory Direct Shipping!

It is my hope and desire that you enjoyed reading this informative report about the history of For more information to make an informed decision or to purchase our superior zeolite products please contact Barry Cohen at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324 or call him direct on his personal phone number at 1-561-629-5618.

History of Zeolite

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