The new dental filling materials being used on the market are now much safer while lasting much longer because they do not deteriorate like silver filling do! Most of these new fillings are made to match the color of their teeth often to the point of not being able to notice that they are anything different then their natural teeth.
Important Factors To Be Aware Of When Removing And Replacing Silver Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings
It is important to ask questions or interview dentists before replacing your silver mercury fillings to make sure that the tooth or teeth filling replacements are being done correctly for the important benefit to preserve your own health! This is because the mercury in amalgam dental fillings is a heavy metal neurotoxin that can and will affect your immune system, your body's nervous system, heart and other organs in your body!
Make sure that the dentist doing the work is using a rubber dental dam that will totally seal the inside of you mouth to prevent the mercury filling material from going down your throat to further contaminate your body while they are using the drill and tools to remove them.
Also make sure that the dentist doing the filling replacement job is using non-stop suction attached to or next to a quality 100% sealed HEPA filter with a very high air exchange rate per hour that includes multiple pounds of activated carbon to absorb the mercury gasses (Vapor) during the entire procedure to prevent both you, the dentist and their staff from breathing in the toxic heavy metal mercury vapor that is being created while the filling removal is in progress.
Its The Time To Do A Full Body Heavy Metal Detox After Toxic Mercury Dental Tooth Fillings Are Removed
It is very important to know that toxic heavy metals are accumulative in our bodies throughout our entire lives due to exposures to the toxic heavy metals in pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto the foods that we eat and others we come in contact with both at home and in the workplace! Because of the high concentration of mercury in ever leeching dental filling mercury this is often the straw that breaks the camels back to generate a heavy metal overload to cause immune system damaging health problems that can cause people to become chronically ill!
Heavy Metal Detox Products And Why 100% Natural Zeolite Pure Is The Best Choice After Silver Mercury Dental Filling Removal
The two common ways to detox the body of toxic heavy metals are with plant based detox products that include cilantro, apple pectin, chlorella, spirulina and a few others and the volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite in micronized powder form.
Plant based detox products do help to break loose toxic heavy metals to remove them from the body. However plant based detox product are not great binders! This cause's a good portion of the heavy metal toxins to reabsorb back into the body before they can exit out of the urine and stools. This causes what is called a herxheimer reaction that can cause people detoxing with plant based products to feel ill while doing this detox.
The best toxic heavy metal detox product on the market worldwide is called Zeolite Pure which is made from the highest grade Clinoptilolite zeolite that has been specifically micronized to be between 0-40 microns of size that allows it to travel through the bloodstream and into the bodies organs to remove the toxic heavy metals that has contaminated them. The micronized Zeolite Pure powder also detoxes the body throughout the gut area to safely remove the toxic heavy metals where the immune system is located.
Zeolite Pure (Made In The USA) is the absolute best and most safe 100 % natural heavy metal detox product for all types of heavy metals that include removing the mercury that has leeched into the body from toxic mercury dental amalgam silver fillings because the positive charged mercury is pulled into the negative charged honeycomb like cages of the Zeolite Pure like a magnet where it is held tightly in place as the Zeolite Pure travels throughout the body while picking up additional heavy metal toxins until it exits all they way out of the body through the urine and stools without side effects or a herxheimer reaction!
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