For many years people have been attempting to detox their bodies of toxic heavy metals with inferior green plant based products that include Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, types of Fruit Pectin and others. However the people that are doing plant based detoxes and many of the vitamin and health food store sales people as well as some doctors that recommend these products are not aware that there is a far superior 100% safe and natural heavy metal detox product on the market called Zeolite Pure that is a much better choice compared to plant based detox products for many different reasons! I will now explain the differences!
The Truth About Plant Based Heavy Metal Detox Products
Plant based heavy metal detox products that include Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, Fruit Pectins and others do have the ability to break loose heavy metal toxins from the body! However they fail to do a good job of binding the heavy metals to the plant material which allows for a good amount of the toxic heavy metals to reabsorb back into the body to recontaminate it before they can exit all the way out through the urine and stools.
This in turn will often cause the person doing the detox to feel sick while doing these plant based detoxes. This is called a herxheimer reaction and when people feel ill when detoxing with plant based detox products they often stop the detox altogether.
Also many plant based detox products do not have the ability to do a full body detox! They can only detox individual organs which creates the need to take multible products or products that have a number of different plant products combined together in the pills or capsules. Also because of the reabsorption problem it can be expensive while also taking a long time to remove enough heavy metal toxins to benefit the person doing the detox!
Why Over 25 Years Proven 100% Natural Zeolite Pure Micronized Powder Is Far Superior Compared To Plant Based Detox Products
Zeolite Pure is 100% natural and its made from the mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite. After its mined from under the ground the zeolite is crushed into a powder. It is then transported to a speciality factory that further reduces its size by micronizing it to be specifically between 0-40 microns to enable it to travel through the entire body to remove the toxic heavy metals. Zeolite Pure has a honeycomb cage like structure that has a natural negative ionic charge that actually attracts the positive charged heavy metal toxins into its cages where they are held in place like a magnet as the Zeolite Pure continues to travel throughout the body and into the organs while picking up additional heavy metals.
The Zeolite Pure is taken into the body by mixing the powder into a glass or water, juice or smoothie. After swallowing it down the Zeolite Pure is able to first travel into the bodies gut where the immune system is located to safely detox and remove the toxic heavy metals that can compromise and lower the abilities of the immune system to properly support many of the bodies function's.
The immune systems job is to kill bad cells, viruses, bacteria while also regulating organ functions. After the immune system is detoxed and the toxic heavy metals are removed it can then boost up to grow stronger to better do its job at a much higher level.
After traveling through the gut and digestive area the Zeolite Pure then travels through the bloodstream and into the bodies organs to detox them and the rest of the body. After the Zeolite Pure with attached toxic heavy metals have made their way throughout the body they finally exit together through the urine and stools.
NOTE: When detoxing the body with Zeolite Pure people do not feel ill as they often do when detoxing with plant based detox products. This is because none of the heavy metal toxins are absorbed back into the body. They are all excreted through the urine and stools. As it is for all detoxes, when doing this detox it is important to increase your water or fluid intake to keep flushing out the contaminants!
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