Detox and safely remove the toxic heavy metals out of your pet dogs, cats and horses with 100% natural Zeolite Pure

The fact is our beloved pet dogs, cats and horses are exposed to far more heavy metal toxins than we humans are due to their lower quality diet nutrition even with expensive dog foods, exposure to flea and heartworm medications and because their paws and hooves are not protected while they walk on grass and surfaces that are treated with pesticides and herbicides such as Roundup (Glyphosate) that are loaded with toxic heavy metal poisons!

These toxic chemicals are routinely sprayed on fields, lawns, gardens, around trees, homes and mailboxes to kill and prevent weed growth to be quickly absorbed into your pets paws or through your horses hooves! People that run barefoot through their yards that have been treated with herbicides (Roundup) and pesticides are also at risk to be poisoned by these toxic chemicals!
URGENT NOTE: Pets and people that live in homes located on golf courses have far more exposure to toxic heavy metal chemicals that can drastically shorten their lives!
How Toxic Heavy Metal Poisons Affect Our Pets Health
Just like in humans heavy metal toxins are accumulative in our pets bodies throughout their entire lives!
Common heavy metal exposures include—Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum and Arsenic. When our pets become older the buildup of heavy metal toxins are strong enough to cause cellular damage that promotes different types of sickness, chronic diseases such as cancer and nervous system disorders!
It is a good idea to detox our pets as well as our families with safe easy to take Zeolite Pure to remove the buildup of toxic heavy metals and to balance the pH of their bodies to keep them healthy and happy in our quest to extend their lives while enriching our lives at the same time!
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