Comparing liquid zeolite MLM scam products to superior Zeolite Pure micronized powder to detox and remove toxic heavy metals from the body

Liquid Zeolite Versus Zeolite Powder|The True Facts!

Zeolite Liquid Versus Powdered Zeolite

This important report about liquid zeolite versus micronized powdered zeolite will explain the true facts in detail why micronized zeolite in powdered form is absolutely the best way to detox the body to safely remove the disease causing heavy metal toxins while explaining and exposing the liquid zeolite scam!

Zeolite is a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite. When it is taken and ingested in a micronized powdered form zeolite has successfully been proven to be a safe detox for people and animals to safely remove the toxic heavy metals and radioactive Isotopes from their bodies.

Heavy metal exposures and radioactive isotopes are accumulative and they continue to build up in the body throughout our lives to eventually suppress the body’s immune system to prevent it from doing its job of seeking out and destroying bad cells, viruses, bacteria and mold spores!

The body’s liver and kidneys cannot properly remove heavy metals and radioactive Isotopes from the body. After the immune system is compromised to a high enough degree, chronic health problems and disease set in that can greatly damage the body and our lives!

In recent years MLM multi level marketing companies and others caught onto how important detoxing with zeolite is. They learned that after removing the heavy metals and radioactive isotopes out of the body with zeolite, the clean detoxed body will then allow the immune system to increase to grow stronger! A strong immune system is much more capable to fight off, viruses, sickness and disease!

The big problem is that MLM multi level marketing companies and other zeolite sellers are all looking for attractive short cuts to entice customer sales while knowing that they are deceiving the public so they can make a huge amount of money and profits with the least amount of effort concerning product quality while focusing on the lowest possible shipping and product costs for an easy sell to as many people as possible!

So these get rich quick zeolite companies came up with the scam idea to create so-called liquid zeolite products that look attractive to potential buyers by twisting and bending the truth in their advertising while pushing the deceptive concept that it is easier to take a liquid form of zeolite into the body from a tiny eye dropper, spray or squeeze bottle mixed with mostly sterilized water!

This is the deception that makes liquid zeolite products look more attractive then the over 20 years proven and successful zeolite detox method of mixing 100 percent pure (Tasteless) micronized powdered zeolite directly into a glass of juice, water or smoothie to simply mix with a spoon and then drink in order to do the detox with the proper amount of zeolite.

Why Liquid Zeolite Products Are A Scam.

The answer to this fact is easy! Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral that is mostly mined from under the ground. It is extracted and crushed into a powder form. The important fact to know about zeolite is that Zeolite is not water soluble! In other words— ZEOLITE DOES NOT DISSOLVE IN WATER OR IN ANY OTHER DRINKABLE LIQUID!

The fact is that all liquid zeolite products contain just trace to small amounts of zeolite powder that is mixed into a water based liquid suspension!

Read And Compare The Ingredient/Dosage Labels

Using Simple Common Sense—Read the ingredient labels on any liquid zeolite product and on Zeolite Pure micronized powdered zeolite. Pay attention to the amount of Clinoptilolite zeolite there is in the dosage of each product!

When you do this you will first discover that any and all liquid zeolite products contains two ingredients (Clinoptilolite Zeolite And Water)

When you look at the Zeolite Pure micronized powder ingredients you will see one thing (100 Percent Pure Micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite) Nothing else!

When you compare the per dosage amount of Clinoptilolite zeolite in each product you will discover that the per dosage amount of actual zeolite in Zeolite Pure micronized powder is many, many times greater than in any liquid zeolite product!

Because of this true fact it is our opinion that there is not nearly enough zeolite powder placed into in any liquid zeolite product to do a proper heavy metal detox! Especially compared to the (Made In The USA) Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox product which is 100 percent pure zeolite in micronized powder form! This is discussed further below in this report.

This information has been backed up with third party certified independent laboratory testing to expose the liquid zeolite scam!

One large (MLM) Multi Level Marketing company called Waiora that manufacturers a liquid zeolite product called NCD has been successfully sued (Litigated) by their own dealers for fraud after a handful of Waiora dealers did their own 3rd party independent lab testing to discover that the high priced products they had been selling to people were loaded with false claims! This is because the tests proved that NCD ONLY CONTAINED TRACE AMOUNTS OF ACTUAL ZEOLITE IN SMALL APROX ONE OUNCE EYE DROPPER TYPE SQUEEZE BOTTLES OF MOSTLY WATER!

Nano liquid zeolite products is one of the newest scams going! The reason is simple! True nano sized particles are far smaller and lighter than the heavy metal particles they are advertised to be able to remove, therefore nano-sized zeolite particles cannot hold onto and carry the much larger and heavier toxic heavy metals to transport them through and out of the body! It would be like trying to move an elephant down the road in a tiny matchbox car! It Does Not Work!

Liquid Zeolite Brands And Products On The Market Mostly MLM Companies With Outrageous Claims Now Include:

Ultra Liquid Zeolite With DHQ, hcf detox, Advanced TRS, ACZ Nano Extra Strength Advanced Cellular Zeolite, Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Zeolite, ZOI liquid zeolite, Vitality Detox Drops, Vitality Soluble Zeolite Solution, Zeolite Raw Body Boost, CytoDetox, NCD2, hydrolyzed Zeolite and others.

The outrageous false health claims from liquid zeolite companies go much farther than just detoxing the body of heavy metals. We suggest that you do your diligent research before spending your hard earned money on these liquid zeolite products and please please use your common sense.

Especially since you now know that zeolite does not dissolve in water or drinkable liquids! NOTE: It would take concentrated (HINT) Phosphoric Acid, Nitric Acid or Hydrochloric Acid to dissolve zeolite into a liquid state to have an end result which would destroy the important cages in the zeolite that the heavy metals attach to before being carried out of the body!

How Zeolite Pure Micronized Powdered Zeolite Properly Detoxes The Body To Remove Toxic Heavy Metals

Zeolite Pure has been on the market as the proven top natural heavy metal detox product for over 20 years! Zeolite Pure consists of 100 percent natural clinoptilolite zeolite in powder form. This powdered zeolite has an exceptionally high average purity of 92-94 percent straight out of the mine!

The powdered zeolite in Zeolite Pure it is then put through an additional micronizing process to further reduce the size of the zeolite while still maintaining the integrity its cage structures to between 0-40 microns of size.

This important next level of micronizing the powdered zeolite greatly increases absorption into the body and allows the Zeolite Pure to be able to safely detox the body through both the blood that is flowing through the body’s organs and into and throughout the gut where the body’s immune system is located to remove a large amount of toxic heavy metals all the way out of the body.

The high grade clinoptilolite zeolite in Zeolite Pure has a cage like honeycomb structure that is naturally ionized with a negative charge.

This gives Zeolite Pure the unique ability TO ONLY ATTRACT HEAVY METALS LIKE A MAGNET INTO THE CAGES OF THE ZEOLITE! The heavy metals attach and are held into the cages of the zeolite without releasing anything out to be reabsorbed back into the body before it leaves the body out through the urine and bowel movements.

This is why people do not feel sick when detoxing with Zeolite Pure! It is important to know that no healthy minerals are removed from the body!

Once the toxic heavy metals are removed from the body by the zeolite the immune system can now increase to grow stronger in order to do its important job of fighting off viruses, bacteria and mold spores that attack the body to cause sickness and disease!

A huge bonus over and above detoxing the heavy metals out of the body is that Zeolite Pure also has another unique added ability to balance the pH of the body to make it more alkaline if it is to acidic as most people’s bodies are these days due to poor eating habits and medications!

It is a proven fact that people with more alkaline bodies are far less prone to chronic health problems and disease!

Do This Detox To Remove The Built Up Toxic Heavy Metals That Include Mercury And Aluminum From Your Body To Get Healthy!

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