This article will explain the drastic differences when detoxing to remove toxic heavy metals out of the body between doctor administered intravenous IV chelation therapy with the chemical called EDTA and 100% natural Zeolite Pure micronized powder that can be easily taken when mixed in water or juice for detoxing the body to remove toxic heavy metals that are proven to be a cause of damage to internal organs and to the immune system. We will first start with explaining IV chelation therapy with EDTA.
IV Chelation Therapy With The Chemical EDTA
EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) a IV chelation chemical is  dripped into the body by a medical doctor to bind heavy metals to these chemicals to then pull them out from within the body where they then exit out through the urine and stool. These chemicals do a good job of binding to the heavy metal toxin that they are targeted  to for removal. However EDTA is not able to properly remove a broad spectrum of toxic heavy metals all at the same time. Most people do IV chelation to target the removal of lead, mercury or sometimes arsenic depending of the direct source of poisoning. Another problem with these potent intravenous infusions are, if the EDTA is not dosed properly at the correct amount the EDTA chemical can cause a number of dangerous side effects that include fevers, headaches, nausea. anemia, seizures, brain damage, kidney damage, liver damage, severe allergic reactions that can cause anaphylactic shock and other dangerous side effects. Because of the danger for these side effects, urgent bloodwork testing to check out organ functions must be done often during the entire time that the IV chelation heavy metal detoxes are being done.
Why Zeolite Pure Heavy Metal Detox Is Superior And Safer Compared To IV Chelation Therapy
Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox is now over 25 years proven to be the best and most safe heavy metal detox product on the market worldwide! Zeolite Pure is made from a 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite that is mined from under the ground and then crushed into a powder. The zeolite powder is then sent out to a specialty company to have it micronized to be even smaller between 0-40 microns of size. This allows the Zeolite Pure to travel within the blood stream and throughout the body to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals that have accumulated in the organs including in the gut where the immune system is located! After the health robbing heavy metal toxins are removed, the immune system and the entire body can then boost up to become stronger to help fight off many causes of future health problems while providing a healthier longer lifespan!
The Secret Of Zeolite Pure Heavy Metal Detox Explained
Zeolite Pure has a honeycomb cage like structure that actually produces its own natural negative ionic charge that attracts and binds positively charged heavy metal toxins into the cages of the Zeolite Pure extremely well like a magnet where they are held in place! The Zeolite Pure with attached toxic heavy metals then travel throughout the body to remove a broad spectrum of toxic heavy metals until they exit all the way out of the body through the urine and stools without any reabsorption back into the body! For this reason people that detox with Zeolite Pure do not experience any side effects or health problems!
Many Doctors Refer Their Patients To Purchase Zeolite Pure For A Needed Full Body Heavy Metal Detox
Many naturopathic doctors and health professionals recommend Zeolite Pure over IV chelation therapy to their patients because they know that it is safe and the best full body detox choice for removing all types of toxic heavy metals out of the body! Also the cost factor is far less money when detoxing with Zeolite Pure compared to IV chelation therapy!
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