Forever chemicals are very toxic and dangerous! They include include a multitude of chemicals that we are exposed to in everyday life that are very hard or impossible to detox out of the body! Lifelong accumulative toxic heavy metals can be safely removed from the body. However forever chemicals that include PFAS polyfluoralkyl from TEFLON and other related chemicals cannot be removed from the human body. Avoidance is the best plan for these types of toxins because permanent removal from the body really is impossible!
Forever Chemical Heavy Metal Toxins Can Be Safely Detoxed And Removed
However there are other forever chemicals that will stay in your body forever that include toxic heavy metals that will accumulate in the body until they get to the point of damaging and suppressing the immune system to then allow  sickness and disease to take hold to cause major problems during our lives! The difference is that these heavy metal toxins can be removed, but only with the correct detox products!
These toxic heavy metals include lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and others along with heavy metal radioactive isotopes that include cesium-137, strontium-90 and uranium that can be detoxed out of the body with a volcanic mineral supplement that is safe and 100% natural. This toxic heavy metal detox product is far better then all others and its called Zeolite Pure micronized powder!
How Zeolite Pure Detoxes And Removes Toxic Heavy Metal Forever Chemicals Out Of the Body
Zeolite Pure is made from a 100% natural mineral called Clinoptilolite that has been crushed into a powder and then sent off to a speciality factory to further micronized it into a much finer powder that is specifically made to between 0-40 microns of size.
This  allows the Zeolite Pure to travel into the gut where the immune system is located and then through the bloodstream and into the bodies organs to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals out of the body.
Zeolite Pure has a honeycomb cage like structure that has a natural negative ionic charge that actually attracts the positive charged heavy metals into the cages of the zeolite like a magnet where they are then held into place as the Zeolite Pure continues to travel throughout the body while picking up additional heavy metal toxins until it exits out of the body through the urine and stools!
No good minerals and vitamins are removed out of the body during this detox, only the toxic heavy metals are removed and there are zero side effects to cause people to feel sick.
This Heavy Metal Detox Will Help To Restore The Immune System And Future Health
After the heavy metal detox is completed the immune system can then grow stronger to do its important job of destroying bad cells, bacteria and viruses to prevent them from causing future damage while also fighting off the medical problems that may have already been caused by having a weakened immune system!
Zeolite Products Will Not Remove PFAS Chemicals From The Body--Only Heavy Metal Toxins!
It is important to know that that there are companies that sell zeolite products making false claims that Clinoptilolite zeolite will remove PFAS polyfluoralkyl that is in TEFLON and other related chemicals out of the human body! These claims are fraudulent as there are no scientific studies to back up these false claims! In fact the studies that have been done show that zeolite products did not remove PFAS and related chemicals. Most of these unscrupulous companies are MLM's Multi-Level Marketing scam companies selling worthless diluted liquid zeolite products in little squeeze bottles that contain almost all water and very little actual zeolite. The only forever chemicals that zeolite products can and will remove completely or to an extremely high degree are toxic heavy metals and over 25 years proven Zeolite Pure in micronized powder form will do the best job!
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