When these toxic pesticides and herbicides are sprayed onto the golf course to keep it nice looking the chemical mist is carried into the air and then onto the land throughout the neighborhoods that surround golf courses for a long distance especially if its windy outside!
The heavy metal toxins in pesticides and herbicides are absorbed into the body through the lungs, skin and especially through the feet when people and pets play and walk barefoot on grass covered yards that are directly on or close to golf courses! (Remember Pets Have Paws and They Don't Wear Shoes) Pesticides and herbicides are easily absorbed into the body and they are loaded with toxic heavy metals that truly have a negative health effect on the body (especially the immune system) that can cause cancers and other chronic diseases!
People, pet dogs, cats and birds that live by and work on golf courses all to often have their lives cut short short by multiple forms of cancer and other diseases! This is heartbreaking for the families and all involved when they lose a family member including their pets!
The best chance to prevent sickness and disease due to these toxic heavy metals is by detoxing the bodies of you, your family members and your pets to remove these heavy metal toxins! The absolute best full body heavy metal detox product for both people and pets is 100% natural Zeolite Pure in micronized powder form. TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS ABOUT THIS DETOX!
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