The toxic heavy metals we come in contact with that contaminate our bodies are pushed into pesticides, herbicides (Roundup) , building materials, cleaning products, wildfire smoke, wood stove smoke and many other sources!  Please be aware that as these heavy metal toxins build up and accumulate in our bodies they will suppress the immune system to open the door for chronic sickness and disease!
When the toxic heavy metals are properly detoxed and removed by Zeolite Pure the immune system can then boost up to become stronger to do what it is supposed to do which is to destroy bad cells, viruses and bacteria growth while also regulating the functions of the body that includes balancing the yeast in the body to help prevent Candida overgrowth infections!
There are other types of heavy metal detox supplements on the market that are made from pharmaceutical chemicals and  there are others that are natural and plant based! The one well known pharmaceutical heavy metal detox product primarily targets the removal of lead and it is called EDTA.
However it is important to know that EDTA can be very dangerous and blood testing must be done throughout the detox to make sure that it does not cause any dangerous side effects that include organ damage, especially kidney failure, seizures, nausea and other problems.
Plant based detox supplement products include Chlorella, Cilantro, Apple Pectin, Spirulina, Dandelion and others. However the problem with plant based heavy metal detox supplements is that even though they do break loose toxic heavy metals from the body, a good amount of heavy metal toxins are often absorbed back into the body before they can exit all the way out. When this happens it can cause the people detoxing to feel ill and it's is due to the fact that plant based detox supplements are often poor binders!
Why Zeolite Pure Micronized Powder Is The Absolute Best Heavy Metal Detox Supplement
Zeolite Pure has been helping people successfully detox their bodies to remove the toxic heavy metals for well over 20 years! Zeolite Pure is a 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that is micronized into a fine powder form that is specifically formulated to detox the body by traveling through the blood stream and into the organs and gut area of the body where the immune system is located to safely remove the accumulative toxic heavy metals that have been building up in our bodies throughout our entire lives to compromise and impair the immune system.
How Zeolite Pure Works To Detox The Body Of Toxic Heavy Metals
The positive charged heavy metals in the body are attracted into the negative charged cages of the zeolite where they are attracted to, pulled in and held in place like a magnet as the zeolite and captured heavy metals travel throughout and out of the body through the urine and stool during this detox without any dangerous side-effects!
This Detox Will Allow The Bodies Immune System To Grow Stronger For Increased Health And Wellness
A compromised immune system will open the door to many types of chronic health problems and diseases! The older we become the higher the levels of heavy metals will accumulate in our bodies. However many people become over loaded with heavy metal toxins much faster due to exposures at home or on the job. After the Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox is completed the immune system can then grow stronger to better do its intended job of destroying bad deformed cells, viruses and bacteria. The immune system will also now be able to regulate yeast growth in the body to help prevent Candida infections. Zeolite Pure also helps to balance a healthy pH for the body. This is especially important for people with bodies that are too acidic and these days this is a very common problem due to our diets.
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