This article is not aimed at any one chocolate product manufacturer! It is to bring to your attention that chocaholics and chocolate lovers should be keenly aware that it has now been proven by laboratory testing and results that many well known chocolate products contain overly high levels of toxic cadmium and lead heavy metals. When you add this to the many other lifelong accumulative exposures to heavy metal toxins in the food we eat, from the water we drink  due to pesticide and herbicide applications at the farms, and from other environmental exposures, this can have a negative effect on the body to compromise and lower the immune system and organ functions that can cause sickness and disease. 
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After a number of different types of products containing chocolate tested positive for toxic cadmium and lead heavy metals the people at Consumer Reports magazine decided to have their laboratories conduct testing to discover where the toxic heavy metals were coming from. It was determined that the heavy metal toxins were in the chocolate itself, so the updated focus then targeted multiple categories of chocolate products that included chocolate chips, milk chocolate and dark chocolate candy bars, hot cocoa, powders for cold and hot chocolate drinks, brownie and cake mixes!
Top brand names of products included Hershey's, Ghirardelli and Nestle that also manufacture chocolate products for Costco, Target, Trader Joes, Walmart, Whole Foods and a few others. It was determined that both milk and dark chocolate tested positive for toxic heavy metals. However the dark chocolate products overall contained the highest levels of toxic heavy metals that included Lead and Cadmium. A good amount of the chocolate products tested showed concern-able higher levels of Lead and Cadmium, however some tested at twice the safety limits set for toxic heavy metals for these chocolate products.
Where The Toxic Heavy Metals In Chocolate Come From!
Investigations and further lab testing proved that the cadmium contamination is due to absorption into the cocoa plants through the soil that  is most likely contaminated by pesticides and herbicides being sprayed at the cocoa farms. The lead contamination is most likely coming from lead dust in the air binding to the cocoa plants. 82% of all dark chocolate products tested above the levels of set safety standards!
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