A major cause of chronic illness and disease is due to long term exposures from toxic heavy metals that are accumulative in our body's throughout our entire lives! People need to be aware that exposures to toxic heavy metals are common and we routinely come in contact with them because they are located in many of the everyday foods we eat, at home indoor environments and during our everyday jobs!
Where These Toxic Heavy Metal Exposures Are Coming From
This is due to the spraying of chemical pesticides, fungicides and a tremendous amount of herbicides that contain Glyphosate (Roundup) and other herbicides that are applied (Spraying) by the millions of pounds each year on the farmlands our food is grown on to kill invasive weeds that cause a loss of production and income to the farmers. This why it is so important to take extra care to do a good job of washing our fruit and vegetables before eating them. However its pretty much impossible to remove all of the toxins when washing them.
These same heavy metal toxins also end up in the beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish that we eat because they are deeply embedded into the food and water that they eat, drink and swim in. Other sources of heavy metal exposures come from the application of pesticides in the home and workplace, spraying weeds with Roundup around our homes and buildings and from building materials  and chemicals  that are used at home and on the job. The list of exposures to toxic heavy metals is huge and could fill a very thick book!
The reason toxic heavy metals make people sick is because they attack, suppress and damage the body's immune system that controls the organ function's throughout the entire body. Its a fact that when the immune system breaks down it opens the door for many types of health problems that cause a wide variety of chronic health problems and diseases that in turn cause fatigue, brain fog, loss of motion, memory loss, digestive problems, pain and suffering. The gut is also where the immune system is located in the body! It is a good choice to do a safe and proper detox to remove the toxic heavy metals out of the body to then allow the immune system to regain strength to do a better job of protecting the body.
Different Methods To Detox For Removal Of Toxic Heavy Metals From The Body
People think that the liver and kidneys that detox our bodies will remove these toxic heavy metals, however when it comes to these toxins they do a very poor job! This is why they accumulate in our bodies throughout our lives and this is also why our bodies need extra help to do a proper detox to remove these immune system suppressing toxic heavy metals.
After the toxic heavy metals are properly removed from the body, the often suppressed immune system can then grow stronger to do its original job of destroying bad cells in the body as well as destroying viruses and bad bacteria while also regulating possible yeast overgrowth (Candida) that  also cause health problems due to a poorly functioning immune system!
There are three methods to remove toxic heavy metals out of the body. The first heavy metal detox method is with a pharmaceutical chemical called EDTA that is dangerous as it can cause kidney damage, organ damage and many other health problems during and after the treatment. EDTA binds toxic heavy metals into the EDTA chemical to be urinated out and it is often done by IV treatments but it can also be given orally and by rectal suppositories. This chemical EDTA treatment requires that blood work including kidney function tests be done throughout the detox to watch for problems. the second heavy metal detox method is with plant based supplements that includes chlorella, cilantro, apple pectin and spirulina.
Detox products made from plants work by breaking the heavy metals loose into the body to be removed through the urine! The problem with plant based detox products are since they are poor binders, a good amount of the toxic heavy metals are absorbed back into the body all at once before they can be removed by exiting the body. When this reabsorption occurs the person detoxing will often feel ill as a portion of the toxic heavy metals are pulled back into the body all at once!
The 3rd And Best And Safest Detox To Remove Toxic Heavy Metals Is With 100% Natural Zeolite Pure
The best and proven detox to safely remove toxic heavy metals out of the body is with the 100 percent natural volcanic mineral called Zeolite Pure in micronized powder form. Zeolite Pure is made of the mineral called Clinoptilolite that has no additives of any kind. Zeolite Pure is specifically micronized to 0-40 microns of size that is easy to take when mixed with water, juice or into a smoothie. After Zeolite Pure is taken into the body it will move throughout the bloodstream and into the organs where the heavy metal toxins will bind into the zeolite like a magnet to then be safely taken out of the body through the urine and feces. Zeolite Pure also detoxes to remove toxic heavy metals from the gut where the immune system is located in the body.
Zeolite Pure only targets and removes toxic heavy metals! It does not remove any of the important good minerals in the body and there are no dangerous side effects! Since toxic heavy metals can suppress the immune system in many negative and different ways, after they are removed with the Zeolite Pure the immune system can then grow stronger to do a better job of destroying bad cells, viruses and yeast overgrowth also known as Candida. A great bonus is that Zeolite Pure also helps to balance the body's pH, If the body is to acidic as it often is for many people, Zeolite Pure will help it become more alkaline within the proper range.
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