Many people feel that we have not been this close to World War 3 since the Cuban missile crises on Oct 16 to Oct 29th 1962. It is a fact that many people now feel that a nuclear war could be right on our doorstep to be triggered by the next aggressive action by any one of the world powers that have been pushing each others tolerance limits! The question is, if a nuclear event does occur, will this be a limited survivable nuclear weapons exchange that will only kill people near and around ground zero targeted areas or will it be a full on nuclear war that will destroy close to or all life on planet earth?
We can only hope that a nuclear conflict never happens and if it does will the people pushing the launch buttons quickly stop the attacks after seeing the horror that even a small limited nuclear exchange will create to still kill an amazing amount of people while destroying a huge amount of infrastructure? We feel it would be a really good idea to force all of the people that control the nuclear weapons to watch the actual videos of what the far outdated and much weaker atom bombs did to the targeted cities and to the people of Japan which ended World War 2 while showing them a nuclear warhead destruction chart so they can see for themselves what just one modern nuclear blast can do to create thousands of times the damage and loss of life compared to just one of those early technology atom bombs!
The Two Must (Have Ready) Radiation Detox Products For The Prevention Of Thyroid Cancer And To Remove Toxic Heavy Metal Radioactive Isotopes From The Body To Help Prevent Possible Future Cancer And Disease Due To A World War Three Nuclear Event
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All people that have the desire to be able to survive a limited nuclear exchange that will expose them to heavy metal nuclear isotopes and radiation poisoning! It is extremely important to prepare properly in advance to be ready at the drop of a dime for such an event!
Product # 1---The Benefits Of Potassium Iodide---Knowledgeable preppers and concerned people that have done their diligent research about how to prepare for a nuclear radioactive event are often educated to the one benefit that potassium iodide provides to protect the thyroid gland from cancer during a radioactive event when the body is exposed to radioactive iodine! Potassium iodide is a very important must have product keep in stock to have ready to protect the thyroid gland against cancer if the body is exposed to nuclear radiation! However potassium iodide can only protect the thyroid gland for a short period of time  and it does not protect the rest of the body at all! Its benefits are greatly reduced if there is long term exposures to radiation.  It is very important to not overdose the body with potassium iodide by taking to much or by extending dosing for a longer period of time per its product instructions because this can make people very sick!
The Second Extremely Important Radiation Detox Product Is 100% Natural And Safe Zeolite Pure
Because of the push by Government agencies and the pharmaceutical drug industry to only educate the public to the important but limited benefits of potassium iodide most people in the general public fail to learn that there is an additional detox product that is also extremely important to have in your preparedness stock and ready to take for exposures to nuclear radioactive isotopes that without question will enter into the body from the air we breathe into our lungs to then work its way into the bodies blood stream and organs. Radioactive isotopes can also be brought into our bodies gastrointestinal track after a nuclear event occurs from the food we eat, the water we drink and from ingesting and breathing in radioactive dust and debris.
Product # 2----The Lasting Benefits Of Zeolite Pure-----The second extremely important product to be aware of and to have ready for radiation poisoning if a nuclear event occurs is made from a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite which is a type of zeolite that is used as a detox that safely targets and removes toxic heavy metals out of the body that includes radioactive isotopes that are also classified as heavy metals. This includes cesium 137, strontium 90 and others. The absolute best heavy metal detox product on the market worldwide that also removes heavy metal radioactive isotopes is over 25 years proven Zeolite Pure.
Zeolite Pure is mined from deep under the ground! It is a high grade 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite. After the zeolite is extracted from the earth it is then crushed into a powder. The next step for the zeolite powder is to put it through an additional process that micronizes the Zeolite Pure even smaller to be between 0-40 microns of size to allow it to travel throughout the bloodstream and into the bodies organs and gut area where the immune system is located to detox the entire body while actually removing the toxic heavy metal radioactive isotopes out of the body! Zeolite Pure has a cage like honeycomb structure that has a natural negative charge that actually pulls the positive charged heavy metals that includes radioactive isotopes into the cages of the Zeolite Pure where it is held tightly into place like a magnet.
The Zeolite Pure with the attached heavy metal radioactive isotopes will then travel throughout the body while it continues collect additional heavy metals that include radioactive isotopes into its cages! The Zeolite Pure together with the heavy metal radioactive isotopes will then safely exit the body through the urine and stools without allowing any of these contaminants to reabsorb back into the body before exiting. Since there is no reabsorption back into the body while doing this detox people do not suffer from any side effects or illness as is often the case with other detox products!
Zeolite Pure is (MADE IN THE USA), it has no taste and it is very easy to take! Just mix the correct amount of Zeolite Pure micronized powder into water, juice or into a smoothie and drink it down! Zeolite Pure can also be mixed into any food for children such as applesauce or pudding to get it easily into the body!
Clinoptilolite Zeolite was first publicly documented to do an incredible job to remove the radioactive cesium137 and strontium 90 isotopes from both humans and animals throughout and after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor power plant disaster! Many people throughout Japan and worldwide used our Zeolite Pure for radiation poisoning to detox their bodies and the bodies of animal livestock during and after the Fukushima nuclear reactor power plant disaster in 2011! Huge amounts of zeolite were also used in plastic net-bags to decontaminate amounts of radioactive seawater in the costal waters around Fukushima to protect the fish and other sea life!
If You Are A Smart Prepper, A Concerned Party, Government Or Private Agency That Has The Desire To Be Highly Prepared For A Nuclear Event That Could Include A World War 3 Scenario, It Is A Smart Move And Extremely Important To Stock Up On Both Potassium Iodide And Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder To Cover Your Family Or People Properly In Order To Have The Best Chance Possible To Survive And Stay Healthy As Possible If A Nuclear Event Of Any Kind Occurs!
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