Toxic heavy metals are accumulative in our bodies throughout our entire lives because the liver and kidneys are unable to remove these toxins properly and they are a major source of sickness and chronic disease for millions of people that are totally unaware to why they are losing their health and wellness. There is a common sense method to detoxing the body that many people do not follow because they do not understand how to implement the best steps for a proper full body detox. Many people go directly to detox individual organs of the body with flush packs that include liver, kidney, colon and intestinal flushes.
These organ flush packs are all OK , however its is a far better plan to do a proper full body heavy metal detox to remove the toxic heavy metals that includes removing these toxins from the bodies organs and from the gut area where the immune system is located.
The Best Full Body Heavy Metal Detox Is With 100% Natural Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form
It is very important to do first do a safe and over 25 years proven full body detox with Zeolite Pure because the immune system is a major factor in providing all of the organs in the body with the means and ability to function properly by sending out the all important nutrients, hormones and T cells to fight bad cells, bacteria and viruses that can damage the bodies organs to create sickness and disease. After this full body detox has been completed, the immune system is then allowed to boost up to become stronger to regroup to better do its main job of destroying bad cells, bacteria and viruses! Additional detoxes can then be done to target the areas in the body that may have been compromised and are of special concern!
How Zeolite Pure Works To Provide A Full Body Heavy Metal Detox To Safely Remove Toxic Heavy Metals Out Of The Body
Zeolite Pure is created from the mineral called Clinoptilolite which is a one of many different types of zeolites which are formed by volcanic minerals that have been exposed to salt water millions of years ago. Clinoptilolite is the only type of zeolite that can be used for human consumption as a heavy metal detox product and for other uses. The zeolite for Zeolite Pure is mined from under the ground to then be put into a machine that crushes it into a powder. The zeolite powder is then sent out to a specialty company that takes the powder and further micronizes the zeolite to specifically be between 0-40 microns of size to transform it into Zeolite Pure where it is then packed into sealed 400 gram jars that are ready to ship out to our thousands of customers to mix the Zeolite Pure that has no taste into water, juice or into your favorite smoothie to easily drink down. Zeolite Pure can also be mixed into any food item including applesauce, pudding or gravy to make it easy to get into young children to detox them.
Zeolite Pure has a natural negitive ionic charge and a cage like structure that actually attracts the positive charged toxic heavy metal toxins into the Zeolite Pure's cages to bind and hold onto the heavy metal contaminants like a magnet as they travel together throughout the body. Zeolite Pure first travels into the gut to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals from that special area where the immune system is located.
After the Zeolite Pure travels through the gut area it then travels throughout the blood stream and into the bodies organs while picking up additional heavy metals toxins to safely remove them from the entire body! The Zeolite Pure with attached heavy metals will then exit out of the body through the urine and stools without causing any side effects or ill feelings.
Zeolite Pure micronized powder is far superior compared to all plant based detox products that include cilantro, chlorella , spirulina, pectin and others that do break loose heavy metals in the body but do not have the ability to bind to them as they do with Zeolite Pure. This in turn with plant based detox products will cause a good amount of the heavy metal toxins to reabsorb back into the body all at once before they can exit all the way out. This is why people often feel ill while detoxing with plant based detox supplement products.
Also it is important to beware to stay away from all so called liquid zeolite products being sold by heartless money hungry MLM multi level marketing companies making outrageous health claims selling little squeeze bottles of almost all water with very little zeolite powder in them. You will never get a proper detox with these scam liquid zeolite products!
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