First off it is very important to know that there are many different types of lab tests available that companies selling zeolite products use to confuse, conceal and to deceive the public into thinking that their product is the best and most pure zeolite heavy metal detox product on the market. I will now expose the scam concerning purity and Clinoptilolite  percentage of the zeolite products they are selling.
The one type of zeolite that is used to safely detox and remove the toxic heavy metals out of the body is called Clinoptilolite! The percentage of Clinoptilolite is the  most important factor in any type of zeolite product purity test because it is the only part of the zeolite that is doing the heavy metal detox. The rest is simply inert minerals that have nothing to do with the detox at all.
The Zeolite Purity And Percentage Scams Explained! This Is Important To Read!
Many companies (Which Are Mostly MLM Multi-Level Marketing Companies) will make deceptive claims that their test results show that their products are 95%-99% pure zeolite, NOT CLINOPTILOLITE!  This is because they are combining the Clinoptilolite part of the zeolite together with the attached inert minerals in their products! The actual amount of Clinoptilolite could only be 85 percent or maybe a bit higher or lower.
Any proper zeolite product test must only come from a certified licensed third party independent mineral testing lab and it needs to show the exact percentage amount of Clinoptilolite and the percentage amount of any other minerals that are included and connected to the zeolite sample being tested. For this very reason never trust what a company website says! Only believe zeolite product claims with actual published documented proof of a REAL zeolite purity and Clinoptilolite percentage licensed and certified 3rd party lab test report!
All Liquid Zeolite Products Are Scams And Extremely Low In Purity!
Since all zeolite minerals are not water soluble, (They Do Not Dissolve In Water) it does not make a difference what the percentage of Clinoptilolite is in their zeolite no matter how low or high it is because all liquid zeolite products are almost totally water in a small squeeze bottle with very little zeolite powder added into it.
These liquid zeolite companies often hide any percentage amount of Clinoptilolite and the amount of zeolite itself in their watered down products by simply posting the words "Proprietary Blend"! This Is Another MLM Liquid Zeolite Scam!
Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form Has Always Included The Highest Percentage Of Clinoptilolite And It Is Unequalled To This Day!
Zeolite Pure in micronized powder form has been on the market helping thousands of people safely detox to remove the toxic heavy metals out of their bodies for over 25 years now! The actual percentage of Clinoptilolite in Zeolite Pure has been tested each and every time with multible samples taken from every batch by a Certified Licensed 3rd party independent testing lab at 94% with the rest of the zeolite in the samples being safe inert minerals for many years! The minute amount of inert minerals in Zeolite Pure are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals or properties. Please know that a Clinoptilolite percentage of 100 percent is not possible, however Zeolite Pure with 94% Clinoptilolite in micronized powder form is amazingly high and it will do the best heavy metal detox you will ever experience!
IMPORTANT---The Zeolite Pure headquarters has tested many of our competitors zeolite products at their own expence with 3rd party independent laboratories and they have always tested far below ours for the percentage of Clinoptilolite in their products.
Because We Are Always Honest And Transparent Please See And Read The Attached Licensed Third Party Independent Test Lab Report(s) On Zeolite Pure To See The Purity And Unbeatable Clinoptilolite Percentage For Our Products!   
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