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Zeolite Pure Is Best Detox Binder For Removing Vaccine Mercury, Graphene Oxide And Heavy Metals

The COVID-19 killer pandemic virus has the ability to quickly mutate into dangerous multiple variants. For this reason there are growing worries of the side effects and after effects from the many different vaccines and booster shots being injected into people’s bodies that are affecting far to many people’s immune systems in a negative manner to cause chronic illness! 

The goal of https://zeolite.com is to help others get and stay healthy by providing the absolute best way to detox their bodies of possible toxic vaccine mercury, other heavy metals and graphene oxide that can cause great harm to people contaminated with these unhealthy toxins!

Because of the still many unknown factors about these vaccines and the generated non-trustworthy information being given out to the public, a growing amount of people are worried about any amounts of mercury, graphene oxide and other heavy metals being put into these vaccines and following booster shots! Heavy metal contaminants are accumulative in the body during our entire lives and when they reach high enough levels they can become toxic to have a negative effect on the body’s immune system which in turn can cause a multitude of health problems to occur.

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Because of the distrust of the unknown ingredients in the vaccines people are now making the positive decision to detox their bodies of  any possible heavy metals and graphene oxide they may have been exposed to after being injected by any one of the three vaccines and booster shot(s)! People also feel that as this pandemic virus continues to mutate into different types of variant viruses, the governments in charge will push a continuous amount of vaccines over and over again! 

Vaccine mercury, graphene oxide and toxic heavy metals cannot be removed by liver and kidneys! For these reasons, they must be removed by either a chemical chelation process or by a natural type of binder that the heavy metals will attract and attach to that will then be carried completely out of the body without allowing any of the heavy metals to be reabsorbed back into the body during the elimination process.

The man made chemical used to chelate the heavy metals out of the body is called EDTA! This powerful oral or IV chelation chemical binds to the mercury and other heavy metals in the body to then carry them all the way out. A common problem with EDTA is that it can adversely affect the kidneys and if the dosage is not correct it can cause damage to them. When doing a chelation detox with EDTA the patient must be closely monitored by way of kidney function tests done before, during and after the detox is completed to make sure that no damage has occurred during this type of IV or oral chelation therapy!

The Best Heavy Metal Detox Binder To Remove Mercury And Graphene Oxide Is 100% Natural Zeolite Pure

20 year proven Zeolite Pure is a safe 100% natural heavy metal detox product. It is a volcanic mineral with a honeycomb cage like structure that carries a negative charge that attracts positive charged heavy metals that includes vaccine mercury and graphene oxide to bind into its cages like a magnet to be held in place with the Zeolite Pure and attached heavy metals as they travel through the bloodstream into the body’s organs while collecting additional heavy metal toxins until it safely exits the body through the urine and feces. Zeolite Pure is able to gain access to the bloodstream to reach the organs and the gut where the immune system is located because it is specifically micronized to 0-40 microns of size. No kidney function or blood tests are necessary when detoxing heavy metals with 100 percent natural Zeolite Pure because it is extremely safe! After the heavy metal toxins are removed by the Zeolite Pure, the immune system can then boost up and gain strength to get back to what the immune system is supposed to do which is to seek and destroy bad cells, bacteria, viruses and Candida yeast overgrowth.

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