Zeolites are formed from volcanic minerals that have a cage like honeycomb structure that also have a natural negative ionic charge that has the unique ability to grab, remove and contain positive charged chemicals and heavy metals into the cages of the zeolite like a magnet! In recent years zeolite minerals have been discovered to and are now commonly used as a catalyst and an absorbent to combine chemicals to create new chemical reactions to formulate chemicals in the petrochemical, detergent, industrial, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
There are many types of zeolites, however Clinoptilolite zeolite is the only type of zeolite mineral that is proven safe to remove toxic chemicals and heavy metal toxins out of the air, water and from the body! Clinoptilolite zeolite also has the ability to extend the life of food in storage areas to prevent it from breaking down as it ages.
These food saving benefits have actually been discovered for its ability to absorb ethylene gas and odors in caves that were full of Clinoptilolite zeolite during prehistoric times to preserve and extend the life of food that had been gathered and stored by cave men and women for future meals to eat!
The ancient Mayan civilization used large amounts of Clinoptilolite zeolite minerals in their reservoir water storage areas to absorb heavy metals and other contaminants to keep their drinking water safe for thousands of people! This same Clinoptilolite zeolite is still being used worldwide in municipal and home water filtration systems to absorb and remove ammonia, chemical VOC's and toxic heavy metals from the water to keep it safe for drinking.
Clinoptilolite Zeolite In Micronized Powder Form Called Zeolite Pure Is Used As An Important Nutraceutical To Safely Detox And Remove The Accumulative Toxic heavy Metals From The Body
It is urgently important to know that we are being exposed to and contaminated with toxic heavy metals every day of our lives! Heavy metal toxins in the pesticides and herbicides (Roundup) that is routinely sprayed to kill insects and destroy weeds around and on the fruits, vegetables and grains that we eat! These same heavy metal toxins also in the food that is used to feed the chickens, beef, pork and other meat products that we also consume.
We are also being exposed to toxic heavy metals at home and in the workplace from additional pesticides, weed killers, paints, solvents, building materials and other sources.
Many people think that our bodies filtration system which includes the liver and the kidneys will filter out and remove the heavy metal toxins from the body! The truth is that the body does a horrible job to remove heavy metals and for this reason the heavy metals are accumulative in the body until they reach a level that is high enough to compromise the immune system to cause additional damage in the form of disease to the organs!
The absolute best way to detox the body to remove damaging toxic heavy metals that also includes heavy metal radioactive isotopes if a nuclear event or accident occurs is with 100% natural Zeolite Pure which is formulated from Clinoptilolite zeolite in powder form that has been further micronized to be specifically between 0-40 microns of size to be able to travel throughout the bloodstream, into the bodies organs and the gut where the immune system is located.
As the micronized negative charged Zeolite Pure with attached toxic heavy metals travel into the gut and then into the bloodstream and throughout the entire body it is picking up additional positive charged heavy metal toxins as they continue to bind into the cages of the Zeolite Pure like a magnet! The Zeolite Pure and the toxic heavy metals then exit together out of the body through the urine and feces! It is important to know that there are no side effects to make people feel ill when detoxing with Zeolite Pure and it is easy to drink when taken because it has no taste! Just mix the proper amount into a glass of water , juice or into your favorite smoothie and drink it down.
As with any type of detox, drink plenty of extra water to keep the heavy metal toxins flushing out of the body!
There Is A Bonus When Detoxing With Zeolite Pure---The bonus is that Zeolite Pure will also work to balance the pH of the body! If the body is to acidic, the zeolite will make it more alkaline! It is a documented fact that an alkaline body tends to be much healthier then an acidic body.
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