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What is The Best Liquid Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Product?

100% natural Zeolite is proven to be a safe and top quality heavy metal detox! However It is very important to know right up front that there actually is no best liquid zeolite product on the market period! The urgent reason why is simple! It’s because zeolite is a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite that has been mined and crushed into in powder form that is not water soluble! In other words all so-called liquid zeolite products contain zeolite that does not dissolve in water! 

The truth is that all liquid zeolite products being sold consist of just a tiny amount of zeolite powder that is mixed into a small eyedropper or spray bottle of ALMOST ALL WATER! If these small bottles of  mostly water contained a large amount of actual zeolite, the applicator tips and spray tips would immediately become clogged to prevent the product from coming out of the bottles! 

You should also note that the liquid zeolite products being marketed and sold are almost exclusively from MLM Multi-Level Marketing Companies that are known for making unattainable spectacular claims with promises of making their members wealthy as long as they push their products to as many people as possible often with a pre-prepared sales pitch!

Now that you know the truth about liquid zeolite products, Don’t Get Sucked In To Be Ripped Off!

The Best Heavy Metal Detox is 100% Natural Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form

Zeolite Pure is and has always been the best heavy metal detox product on the market for over 20 years! This is because Zeolite Pure is 100% natural pure clinoptilolite zeolite in micronized powder form at 0-40 microns of size. This formula has been specifically developed to provide a full body detox through the bloodstream into the organs and to also detox the body through the gut where the immune system is located.

This is far better than any and all so-called liquid zeolite products. After the body is properly detoxed the immune system can then become stronger to better fight off and destroy viruses, bad cells, bacteria and candida yeast overgrowth. 

Many people that have taken vaccines and booster shots are using Zeolite Pure to detox mercury, graphene oxide and other possible toxins from their bodies.

Zeolite Pure also has the unique ability to balance the pH of the body to make it more alkaline if its overly acidic as many peoples bodies are! It is a published known fact that an alkaline body is less prone to sickness and disease compared to an overly acidic body!

Zeolite Pure has a cage like honeycomb structure with a natural negative charge that is extremely unique because it only attracts toxic positive charged heavy metals into the cages of the zeolite where it binds like a magnet and is held into place as it collects the heavy metals all the way through and out of the body without releasing any heavy metal toxins back into the body to be re-absorbed to cause people to feel Ill as many plant based detox products do.

NOTE: Plant based detox products such as chlorella, cilantro, pectin’s, and spirulina often cause people to feel ill because a good portion of these toxins are prematurely absorbed back into the body all at once before they can fully exit all the way out of the body! Some medical professionals call this a healing crisis or a Herxheimer reaction!

We call it re-contaminating yourself with heavy metal toxins all at once because this is exactly what it is doing! This Is Why Zeolite Pure Is Far Superior To All Liquid Or Plant Based Heavy Metal Detox Products!

When doing the Zeolite Pure heavy metal detox just add the proper amount of 100% Zeolite Pure micronized powder into a glass of water, juice or smoothie, stir it up into suspension and drink it down! Zeolite Pure (Has No Taste) It’s Is Easy To Take And It Has No Side Effects!

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DISCLAIMER: Zeolite Has Not Been Approved as a treatment for any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on https://zeolite.com has been complied to provide information about zeolite. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product.

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What is The Best Liquid Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Product?

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