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Urine Test - Easy Home Kit!

Heavy Metal Elemental Urine Test
$79.95 + Shipping

We provide a professional Home Urine Test Kit that is administered by a medical professional. After taking this test you will receive a complete report back of every element in your body.

This will help you understand what you are dealing with, monitor your results as you detoxify, and better determine the dosages your body specifically needs, creating an optimal detoxification protocol for you.

We personally read each report that comes back from the laboratory and provide you with a detailed report. These test results are important to your health and longevity, and this is why we are making this test available to you at the absolutely most affordable price possible.
Actual Urine Test Kit

Toxic heavy metals such as Mercury, Arsenic and Lead are typically not excreted from the body because they have tight binding to receptor sites in the body tissues.

This urine test will demonstrate the amount of toxic heavy metals being removed and the presence of twenty different toxic heavy metals in your body.

Most people are unaware that there is NOT a test that can determine a person’s total body toxic heavy metal load. Hair analysis simply shows what the body is excreting, not what is in the body. When you utilize this urine test along with Zeo Health micronized zeolite, you can learn exactly what is being removed from your body. This Urine Kit is a great indicator to what is contributing to your toxic load.

The scientific assumption is that over time, with the use of detoxifying protocols and minimal further toxic exposure, toxic heavy metal will be decreased and the associated health risks will be decreased, which is the goal. We all know we are poisoned, the only question is how much, and with what!?

Once you have this information, you can concentrate on removing the poisons before your body goes into toxic overload and serious disease takes over.

You will be surprised! Then repeat the test monthly, if you want to know for sure if you have detoxified your body of the built up heavy metals and environmental toxins.

Suggestion, if you really want to know the difference between what your body is excreting on it's own, take one test before you start a detox protocol of Zeo Health micronized zeolite and another a few days after you begin.

ONLY $79.95

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Zeolite has a honeycomb-like
structure that traps Toxins
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