The reason that toxic heavy metals are allowed to accumulate in the body to weaken the immune system and organ functions is due to the fact that the liver and kidneys are unable to properly remove these dangerous toxins. Toxic heavy metals must be removed from the body by outside sources! The 3 most popular detox product types include include intravenous IV chelation therapy with a chemical called EDTA and plant based detox products that include chlorella, cilantro, spirilena and pectin!
The 3rd and best heavy metal detox is over 25 years proven Zeolite Pure which is made from a 100% natural volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite that is crushed into a powder and further micronized to 0-40 microns of size that is easy to take into the body orally when mixed in a glass or water, juice or into a smoothie!
When the Zeolite Pure enters the body it is able to flow through the blood stream where positive charged heavy metal toxins bind into the negative charged cage like honeycomb structure of the Zeolite Pure like a magnet while it travels throughout the entire body including the gut where the immune system is located picking up additional heavy metals to finely exit through the urine and stools with the attached heavy metals intact to provide the absolute best heavy metal detox.
After the body is detoxed of heavy metals by Zeolite Pure the immune system will then be able to boost up and become stronger to do its important unrestricted job of destroying bad blood cells, bacteria and viruses in the body. Organ functions can also increase their ability to keep the body healthy. Zeolite Pure has absolutely no side effects to worry about!
This can't be said for IV chelation therapy and plant based detox products that can produce negative side effects to make people feel ill.
Some of the side effects from EDTA IV chelation therapy include possible liver and kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmias, nausea and vomiting, anemia, seizures and other side effects can be severe enough to cause the absolute necessity of multible blood lab visits to test and check for kidney, liver and other organ function damage throughout the entire detox period.
Plant based detox products do break heavy metals loose in the body, however they are poor binders to toxic heavy metals which allows for amounts of heavy metal toxins to be reabsorbed back into the body before they can exit all the way out. For this reason plant based detoxing is a slow costly process that can take over a year to accomplish! This reabsorption / recontamination problem can also cause people doing this type of detox to feel ill to the point of stopping the detox altogether which is counterproductive!
There is no question that the ease of detoxing the full body with 100% natural Zeolite Pure micronized powder to safely remove the accumulative toxic heavy metals to then allow the immune system to strengthen to better protect the body is the best and healthiest choice!
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