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We are now living through unheard-of epic times with pandemic Coronavirus life or death challenges that include the seemingly never-ending variants of the original virus and the quick loss of many of our valued freedoms! Most of us could never have imagined the scary and frustrating situation we are now in!

The newest variants of the virus are the DELTA variant from India and the extremely dangerous South African OMICRON variant that has mutated so far apart from the original COVID-19 virus scientists now feel that the original three vaccines may have little or no effect on OMICRON to help the population. Medical experts are saying that a new vaccine or booster shot will need to be produced to hopefully help protect people from this variant!

Most people have no idea how or why mankind has been attacked by this deadly pandemic virus. Others believe that it came from a Coronavirus that has been purposely militarized by China with the help of the United States and others! 

A growing amount of people feel that this is a plan of a new world order of elites to reduce and control the populations of our planet while reducing many of the freedoms we used to enjoy!

Forced Vaccines And Ongoing Booster Shots——How To Detox To Remove Toxins In The Shots!

Many people accept and take the vaccines and booster shots while believing that the vaccines are the answer to eradicating the virus to give us a bright new future!

Others are totally against the government and private industry mandates that are forcing them to take the vaccines and booster shots or lose their jobs! In some countries, people that refuse the vaccines face being put into prison! Others are losing their ability to travel outside of their countries! Many of these people believe that the virus, vaccines, and booster shots are all toxic due to the growing amount of discoveries showing negative side effects and long-term health problems from the virus, its many variants, and from all of the vaccines as well!

Possible toxins in the vaccines include Mercury & Graphene Oxide!

The best way to safely remove these toxins including a lifetime of accumulated toxic heavy metals due to past childhood vaccines, food, and environmental exposures that your kidneys and liver cannot remove is with the 100% natural mineral detox supplement in a micronized powdered form called Zeolite Pure! After the heavy metals are removed by the Zeolite Pure the immune system can then grow stronger to better do its job of seeking out to destroy viruses, bacteria, yeast overgrowth (Candida), and bad defective cells!

This anti-vaccine movement seems to be due to all of the present vaccines’ inability to destroy the viruses and because if vaccinated people are again exposed to the viruses they can still become sick again to also infect others!

Many people feel that the vaccine’s main goal is to reduce symptoms to hopefully survive the virus while also leaving still active chemicals in the body! They feel that this is not good enough and there are better answers to control and hopefully eradicate this pandemic virus and its many variants without any harmful chemical side effects or after effects

Oral Antiviral’s For The Pandemic Virus, Variants And Other Viruses With Natural Immunity Afterwards

Because the RNA vaccines do not totally stop, destroy or prevent the spread of the virus and its mutating variants a growing amount of people feel that oral antiviral medications possibly both pharmaceutical and natural to reduce the actual viral load of the virus and its variants without harmful ongoing side effects is a much better choice!

Oral antivirals have been proven for many years to be effective to allow people to safely fight off and get through many different types of viruses with far fewer side effects! Antivirals are routinely used for strains of influenzas, Ebola, Flu Including H1N1 (Swine Flu), Genital Herpes, Hepatitis B and C, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Oral antivirals will reduce viral loads, ease symptoms, and shorten how long you are sick! They can also stop the spread of certain viruses! After people stop taking oral antivirals they quickly leave your body often with no side effects or after-effects. 

NOTE: Oral antivirals will not totally get rid of chronic viruses like HIV, Herpes, and Hepatitis but they can greatly reduce the symptoms and viral loads. Oral antivirals also have the ability to cause some viruses to become inactive. See this Cleveland Clinic Professional White paper that backs up and actually surpasses this information at Clevelandclinic.org

Antivirals Work To Block Viruses From Binding Into Healthy Cells Thus Preventing Them From Easily Reproducing! Antivirals Work To Lower Active Viral Loads And To Boost The Immune System To Better Fight Off The Virus At Hand! Since there are many people that cannot take the available vaccines or do not want to take them for their own reasons, the pharmaceutical drug companies are now targeting the pandemic virus and its variants with

New oral antiviral medications that will soon be available with the blessing of multiple governments.

 It is still unknown what ingredients are in these oral medications! We hope that they are designed to have zero lasting side effects or after-effects after the virus runs its course, Hopefully, these meds will not leave any active RNA changing chemicals in the body after the doses have stopped and the immune system is able to produce a long-lasting amount of antibodies to fight future exposures! If this is the case I feel that the oral antiviral med plan will be extremely successful!

The most important part of this plan will be to make sure that everyone will have fast advanced access to these antiviral meds to keep them ready at home in case they become infected or to make sure that those that become infected can get these meds immediately so they can start taking them right away before virus viral loads can overwhelm them.

Natural Antivirals And Why They May Be Your Best Choice!

It is a known fact that there are natural antivirals that also combat viruses close to or in the same manner as pharmaceutical antivirals do by coating the host cells and the virus cells with a membrane-type barrier that helps to prevent the virus from binding into each other to reproduce. This lowers the viral load to help people get through viruses with fewer and milder symptoms! When the viral load is reduced it also allows the immune system to do a better job of attacking the virus to help it end its symptoms and damage. The body can then produce natural antibodies for protection from future virus exposures!

One natural antiviral that has been proven by university studies to do a good job of lowering the viral load of many different viruses is Humic Acid that is derived from natural coal material and peat bogs. Read this university study about the antiviral studies of natural Humic Acid. It is one of many available online.

Just like pharmaceutical antivirals after the virus has completed its life the natural antiviral doses can then be stopped to quickly exit out the body without after-effects. For Chronic ongoing viruses, the natural antivirals should continue to keep the viral loads down. Natural Humic Acid has been safely used for its antiviral properties for many years! 

We Feel That The Absolute Best 100% Natural Humic Acid Product Is Zeolite AV! 

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