Don't get scammed by MLM liquid zeolite companies! Only use Zeolite Pure micronized powder to safely detox and remove the toxic heavy metals from the body

Toxic heavy metal exposures come from ingesting and inhaling chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides (Roundup Weed Killer) arsenic in the air we breathe the food we eat and the water we drink.

Airborne heavy metal exposures (Mercury) come from coal fed power plants as well as from radioactive isotopes(Cesium) from radioactive devices and nuclear power plant gas releases.
Many people also become contaminated due to radioactive contrasts put into their bodies from MRI’s and CAT Scans.

Why Zeolite Pure Is The Best Heavy Metal Detox Product

The best and safest natural heavy metal detox product on the planet is called Zeolite Pure which is a volcanic mineral called clinoptilolite zeolite in micronized powdered form. It’s easy to take when mixed with juice, water, a smoothie or food.
Zeolite Pure (Manufactured In The USA) is specifically micronized from 0-40 microns of size so it can detox and remove the toxic heavy metals through the bloodstream, organs and through the gut where the immune system is located.
Zeolite Pure has a unique cage like honeycomb structure that is like a magnet that only attracts heavy metals that bond into the cages to stay intact until the zeolite with attached heavy metals safely pass all the way out of the body through both the urine and feces! Zero heavy metals are absorbed back into the body to cause people to feel sick when doing this detox!

Why All Liquid Zeolite Products Are A Scam

The reason is simple! Zeolite is a natural mineral and it is absolutely not water soluble!
In plain words zeolite does not dissolve in water or in any other safe drinkable liquid. It would take concentrated phosphoric acid, nitric acid or hydrochloric acid much more powerful than stomach acid to dissolve zeolite. This would then totally destroy its cage structure. Stomach acid does not degrade Zeolite Pure 100% natural zeolite in micronized powder form.
Liquid zeolite products are a scam because they all consist of a little bit of clinoptilolite zeolite in powdered form mixed with almost all water! One dose of Zeolite Pure has more actual zeolite then multiple bottles of so-called liquid zeolite products!

Compare The Actual Amount Of Zeolite Per Dose In Any Liquid Zeolite Product To Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powder Form

Do this important comparison using simple common sense because there are no tricks involved!

First read the ingredient label on any tiny bottle of any liquid zeolite product. It will honestly show two things. (Water And Clinoptilolite Zeolite). Read the ingredient label on a 400 gram jar of Zeolite Pure. It will show (100 Percent Clinoptilolite Micronized Zeolite)

Next look at the dosage of Clinoptilolite zeolite in each dose of any liquid zeolite product and compare it to the actual per dosage amount of zeolite in Zeolite Pure!

When you do this you will discover the very important fact that each dose of Zeolite Pure contains many times the amount of Clinoptilolite zeolite compared to any liquid zeolite product!

Don’t get ripped off to become a victim of liquid zeolite by believing the far flung health claims these liquid zeolite companies are all making! Now that you know the truth about liquid zeolite products please use your common sense when making your purchase.

More Reasons Why Zeolite Pure Is The Absolute Best Choice

Zeolite Pure has been the leading heavy metal detox product on the market for well over 20 years successfully removing the many years of accumulated toxic heavy metals and radioactive Isotopes of all kinds from the body!

Another HUGE benefit of 100 percent natural Zeolite Pure is its added ability to balance the pH of the body.
Many (MOST) people’s bodies are much to acidic! This can allow opportunistic chronic health problems to set in! If this is the case Zeolite Pure will quickly make an acidic body more alkaline and less prone to sickness and disease!
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