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Certified Independent Laboratory Report

Proof the Liquid Zeolite contains only trace amounts of Zeolite


An Actual Certified Independent Laboratory Test Report Proving That Liquid Zeolite Contains Only Small Trace Amounts Of Zeolite 

Dear Friends of Zeolite,

Everyone in the marketplace has been dealing with the misinformation of facts about Zeolite from the liquid Zeolite MLM company. I don't know why I had not thought of this years before, but I decided to get my hands on 10 bottles of the MLM liquid Zeolite product in order to have it tested by an independent lab. The sample is called NCD2010. The lab took ten 15ml bottles of the liquid Zeolite product and evaporated the liquid out of it in order to get down to the powder and test it. They air dried it to make sure that only water evaporated from the sample, leaving all other ingredients intact. 

The bottle claim is 24mg of Zeolite per serving and 100 servings per bottle.

Therefore, there should be 2400mg per 15ml bottle. At ten bottles, this should = 24000mg. As you can see by the lab report, after the liquid from 10 bottles were evaporated, they ended up with 2.3 grams (2300mg) of powder remnants (we haven't said that this was Zeolite yet). This is less than what is claimed in a single bottle. If you divide the 2300mg by 10 bottles, you get 230mg per bottle. When you divide that by the 100 doses that they claim, you are getting only 2.3mg per serving instead of the 24mg that they claim. 

Are you still with me? I know, math is hard. So the lab then took the powder and analyzed it to see what the purity of Zeolite is. As you can see, they came up with 67% pure. So this means that if there are 230mg of powder per bottle and it is only 67% Zeolite, you end up with 154.1mg of Zeolite per bottle or a total of 1.5mg of Zeolite per dose compared to the 24mg per dose that they claim.  

By the way, for your viewing pleasure, the lab also gave you the elemental breakdown of the liquid Zeolite, including the heavy metal levels. I remind you that making false label claims is against FDA regulations and against the law and puts all natural supplements under attack and scrutiny due to the bad example that these companies set for the supplement industry as a whole.

See Lab Report Results below (or image: page 1, page 2, page 3)

Enclosed are the x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) analytical results for your sample, “NCD2010.”This report will be mailed and emailed to you. The analyses will be charged to the credit card number you provided.

The sample was received as ten small bottles of suspended material. The material in the bottles was dumped into a container and air-dried before grinding and analysis. The total weight of the air-dried material was 2.3 gm. The dry sample was ground to approximately -400 mesh in a steel swing mill and then analyzed by our standard XRF procedure for 31 major, minor and trace elements. The relative precision/accuracy for this procedure is ~5-10% for major-minor elements and ~10–15% for trace elements (those elements listed in ppm) at levels greater than twice the detection limit in samples of average geologic composition. A replicate sample and a standard reference material ("SY4", a CANMET standard rock) were analyzed with the sample to demonstrate analytical reproducibility for your sample and analytical accuracy for a geologic standard, respectively. The accepted ("known") values for the quality control standard are listed with the XRF results.

A representative portion of the ground sample was packed into a well-type plastic holder and then scanned with the diffractometer over the range, 3-61° 22 using Cu-K" radiation. The ground sample was also prepared as an oriented mount by mixing ground sample with distilled water, drawing the mixture onto a cellulose acetate filter and then rolling the deposited material onto a glass disk. The oriented mount was scanned over the range 2-30°; treated with glycol and then re-scanned over the range 2-22°. Analysis of oriented mounts aids in the identification of clay minerals. The results of the scans are summarized as approximate mineral weight percent concentrations on the enclosed table. Estimates of mineral concentrations were made using our XRF-determined elemental compositions, the relative peak heights/areas on the XRD scans and comparison to XRD data for zeolite standards. This sample appears to contain “amorphous” (noncrystalline) material. Amorphous material appears only as a broad elevation in the background of the XRD scan so its composition cannot be determined and the estimate of its concentration must be considered an “educated guess” based on the difference between the total mineral concentration and 100%. The detection limit for an average mineral in this sample is ~1-3% and the analytical reproducibility is approximately equal to the square root of the amount.
"Unidentified" accounts for that portion of the XRD scan which could not be resolved and a “?” indicates doubt in both mineral identification and amount.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

December 14, 2010 - XRF Results for Sample, “NCD2010" Lab no. 210792

----------------------------------------------------- Wt % ------------------------------------------------
IDENT         Na2O    MgO    Al2O3    SiO2      P2O5        S            Cl      K2O    CaO    TiO2    MnO2    Fe2O3    BaO
SAMPLE       0.80     1.27    11.4      62.2     <0.05    <0.05     <0.02    2.57    2.53    0.25    0.03       2.00      0.04

Quality Control - Replicate (R) sample and standard reference material (SY4) analyzed with sample

SAMPLE(R)   0.80     1.28     11.4      62.0    <0.05    <0.05     <0.02   2.56     2.53     0.25    0.03      2.00      0.04
SY4-XRF       6.37     0.73     21.5      49.2      0.14    <0.05       0.91    1.96     8.79    0.33     0.12     5.66      0.04
SY4-known  7.10     0.54     20.7      49.9      0.13      0.01        ----     1.66      8.05   0.29     0.14      6.21      0.04
------------------------------------------------- PPM --------------------------------------------------
IDENT            V         Cr         Co          Ni          W        Cu          Zn        As       Sn        Pb      Mo        Sr         U
SAMPLE       <10       14       <10         28       <10        13          69        28     <50       18    <10        554      22

Quality Control

SAMPLE(R)  <10        13       <10        28       <10        13           69        27     <50       18    <10       562       20
SY4-XRF      <10        11       <10      <10         18      <10           99     <20      <50     <10   <10      1198       24
SY4-known     8         12          3           9          --          7            93     <20         7        10    <10     1191     <20

--------------- PPM ------------
Ident             Th        Nb         Zr         Rb           Y
SAMPLE         51        29        140      102         33

Quality Control

SAMPLE(R)     53        29        137     105         28
SY4-XRF         22        24        531       71       142
SY4-known  <20        13        517       55       119

Analysis Performed By The Mineral Lab, Inc

Mineral Name                     Chemical Formula                                               Approx. Wt %

Clinoptilolite                      (Na,K,Ca)6(Si,Al)36O72C20H2O                              67
Smectite                            (Ca,Na)x(Al,Mg,Fe)4(Si,Al)8O20(OH,F)4CnH2O     <10
K-feldspar                         (K,Na)AlSi3O8                                                        <10
Plagioclase feldspar          (Na,Ca)Al(Si,Al)3O8                                                <5?
“Amorphous”                                   ?                                                             <15
“Unidentified”                                  ?                                                              <5

Check the results below for yourself... (SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW)

DISCLAIMER: Zeolite HAS NOT been approved by the FDA as a treatment for cancer or any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on www.zeolite.com has been compiled to provide information about Zeolite. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE:The FDA has listed Zeolite on the GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

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