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Previous winners:

(New Orleans, LA)

William (Wallkill, NY)

I worked for a railroad in NY for 25 years in the plumbing and enviornmental depts. I have been exposed to aspestos, pcbs, deisel fumes from trains running inside , raw sewerage and other toxins. I have bought 3 bottles of Zeolite and my wife and I love it.


Norma (Bronx, NY)

I have been very ill for some time. I have undergone extensive testing for all my ailments. Some have been diagnosed while others are still up in the air. I have discovered that Doctor's are more interested in prescribing meds than in finding a root cause for the problem. The bills mount and there is no solution. I always look for a holistic approach. I'm a 45yr old single mother of two kids. I need my life back!
While researching mold, detoxification. and many diseases I have been diagnosed with I came across an article that mentioned using Zeolite to mop up the toxins in the body. I have researched Zeolite extensively and understand it's importance. This give away is a blessing!
Thank you!

Carolyn (Lexington, KY)

I have Parkinson's Disease. I refuse to believe I have to accept these horrid symptoms, sit down and allow drugs to eventually kill me, as they surely will do. I know this because sine diagnosed 9-26-06 I have been on a mission to find ny way to recovery.  I HAVE FOUND IT AFTER SOLID RESEARCH THE PAST 15 MONTHS!  I have hooked up with the ONLY SOURCE, so far, of REAL PROOF of recovery.  And recovery starts with DETOXIFICATION OF HEAVY METALS.

I narrowed my search to ZEOLITE AND ONE OTHER.  when I told my decision to goo with ZEOLITE to my friend, the EXPERT on recovery, he noddded approval because it has been associated with some whom he interviewed.  I bought my first order only a bit over a week ago, and am documenting now the changes and there are some already.  I am encouraged.  I would love to win the free bottle because I am on SSI and medicaid having lost my business to embezzlement by friend/partner & a millionaire's lifestyle suggested trauma of same cause of PD also...........and I intend to do all I can if this does what you say!!!!!!!! However I have to pay for it!

Cynthia (Gove City, OH)

I was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in April 2008.  I have undergone six rounds of chemotherapy which involved a cycle of six days in the hopsital receiving the chemo followed by two weeks home. I also received 36 daily radiations and surgery to remove the tumor.  My last treatment was in January 2009.  I was given a 40% chance that the cancer would return.  I researched Zeolite during my treatments but was not allowed by my doctors to take the supplement until I was no longer receiving treatment.  Once I got the approval, I have been taking Zeolite regularly and my cancer has NOT returned.  I go in for a CT of my lungs and a MRI of the tumor area every three months now.  I had a scare on my last CT and had to have another one the following month.  I was really diligent on taking the Zeolite and my follow up CT came back clear - no cancer!  I would so love to win your three free bottles of Zeolite!


(Robbinsdale, MN)

I believe that I need this product because of the metals I have unintentionally ingested during my life like mercury, aluminum, lead, etc.  It is my understanding that these heavy metals do serious damage to our immune system and can also lead to chronic disease.  I have researched your product extensively and think it is one of, if not THE best metal detox product available.  Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

Tammy (Broussard, LA)

I am a nurse of 14 yrs. with a passion to bring knowledge and resources to as many as possible of alternative options. I started my own co. Health & Wellness Solutions specifically for this purpose. My dad was dx.with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 2 months before starting my co. My guidance has already helped him to avoid chemo. and drop his lymphocytic levels to less than they were when dx. I have read a lot about the benefits of zeolite for cancer and would like to implement this into his regimen! 

Elijah (Cincinnati, OH)


Lucille Knight  (Centre Hall, PA)

I've been suffering for two years with Chronic Fatigue Immune Difficiency Disorder and Fibro Myalgia.  My doctor has been wonderful, however, he is baffled and frustrated why my body is still producing toxins.  I'm in so much pain from constant detoxing.  I'm currently on liquid oxygen, but I can't take the suggested amount because of the side effects from the die off from the yeast.  I'm so tired and weary from chronic pain and lack of sleep.
My gastrointestinal track is messed up, too.  The illness has also affected my memory.  My doctor just suggested that I try your product and even emailed me your web address.  I know I'm in God's hands, and He will give me the answer and treatment in His time.  God bless you.

George (Holmen, WI)

53 year old diagnosed with advanced aggressive prostate cancer. Within the past year I had RP surgery and radiation treatments. I'm trying to protect against rising PSA level. Other prostate cancer survivors recommended your zeolite with good results and my wife would also like me to try it. Medical bills have financially wiped me out but I need to try to continue the fight.  This looks promising & makes medical sense. I'd love to try it.

Suzann (Popano Beach, FL)

I am a follower of David Wolfe a brilliant nutritionist.  He knows SOOO much about nutrition.  He strongly recommends using zeolites, in his Longevity Now program.  I am very holistic and health conscious.  I am a Yoga instructor and when I find sucessful treatments I tell everyone!  and suggest where I get them.  I have amalgam fillings I do not have the funds to replace now.  I appreciate your 'give away' Hope to win!

Thank you



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