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Best Detox Binder For Vaccine Mercury and Graphene Oxide Heavy Metals

During these trying times of dealing with and fighting a killer pandemic virus that continues to mutate into dangerous multiple variants, there is a growing concern of the side effects and after affects from the different vaccines and booster shots are having on peoples bodies including their immune systems.

Our goal is to help as many people possible to get and stay healthy by providing the absolute safest way to detox their bodies of toxic mercury, other heavy metals and graphene oxide that can cause great amounts of damage to people that are contaminated with these proven toxins!

Due to the still unknown factors and distrust of the information being released to the public, people are worried about possible amounts of mercury and graphene oxide heavy metals being put into these vaccines and booster shots! Heavy metals are accumulative in the body and when they reach high enough levels they can become toxic to have a negative effect on the immune system which in turn can allow many health problems to occur.

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Because of these concerns and reasons people are now making it a point to detox their bodies of  any possible heavy metals they may have been exposed to after taking a vaccine and or booster shot(s) that may continue on as this pandemic virus mutates into different types of variants.

Vaccine mercury and graphene oxide contamination of the body is a great concern! Because the body’s immune system, liver and kidneys cannot easily remove these and other heavy metals they must be removed by either a chemical chelation or natural binder that the heavy metals will attract and attach to that will then be carried all the way out of the body without allowing any of these toxins to be reabsorbed back into the body during this elimination process.

The manufactured chemical used to chelate the heavy metals out of the body is called Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid but the common abbreviated name is EDTA! This powerful IV or oral chelation chemical binds to the mercury and other heavy metals in the body and then carries them out of the body. A common problem with the chemical EDTA is that it can affect the kidney’s and if the dosage is not correct it can also damage them. When doing a chelation detox with EDTA the person detoxing must be closely monitored while having kidney function tests done throughout and after the detox is completed. This is to make sure that no damage has occurred during this type of IV or oral chelation therapy!

The Absolute Best Heavy Metal Detox And Graphene Oxide Binder Choice Is 100% Natural Zeolite Pure 

Zeolite Pure is a 20 year proven safe heavy metal detox product! Our 100 percent pure zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral with a negatively charged cage like honeycomb structure that allows the mercury, other heavy metals and graphene oxide with a positive charge to be attracted to and bind into the cages of the zeolite. Both the zeolite, attached mercury, other heavy metals and graphene oxide are then safely carried all the way through and removed out the body without negative side or after effects. Zeolite Pure in powder form is also specially micronized from 0-40 microns of size to detox the entire body through the blood that flows into the body’s organs and into the gut to continue the detox where the immune system is located. No kidney function tests or any other tests are necessary when detoxing with safe natural Zeolite Pure! After these heavy metals and dangerous toxins are removed from the body the immune system can then boost up to become stronger to do its job of attacking and destroying viruses, bad cells and yeast overgrowth. (candida)

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