How To Remove Radiation From The Body

If you feel that you or your loved ones have been or will be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and you want to safely remove it from the body, please read this urgent report! Ever since the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster occurred after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the coast and mainland of Japan on March 11th 2011 HUGE amounts of toxic radiation has been pouring out from its water cooled reactor cores by the millions of gallons non-stop to contaminate massive areas of ground water that is flowing directly into and contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean via ocean currents! Fukushima radiation has been detected in high enough levels to genetically mutate fish, other sea life and kelp beds throughout the Pacific ocean that include the entire west coast of the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia and other areas yet Japan, the United States and other Governments are still telling people that the Pacific Ocean fish and other sea life is safe to eat and with no limitations due to Fukushima radiation! Many people disagree with this and feel that the Pacific Ocean and everything that lives in it will stay contaminated with toxic radiation for many years to come!
Reports of unhealthy, immune compromised two and three headed fish and multi-tailed fish are on the increase and so are reports of stillborn babies and multiple types of cancer in humans! Higher then normal amounts of radiation are still being reported across the United States and Canada due to the huge cloud of radioactive dust that blew across both countries via the jet stream after the Fukushima reactors first melted down and exploded!
Many others from around the planet feel that it was negligent and stupid for TEPCO to build and maintain a nuclear power plant so close to the ocean in a known Tsunami zone while the Japanese Government allowed them to do it! Worse yet TEPCO installed their emergency generators to keep the reactors operating in a emergency situation in a basement area flood zone while knowing that they were also in this Tsunami zone and they kept them there even after independent nuclear power plant inspectors (EXPERTS) told them (years before) to move them up to the roof so they wouldn't be compromised if a Tsunami hit the area! Again the Japanese Government allowed TEPCO get away with this act of gross negligence that still continues years later!
When the Fukushima disaster first occurred some potassium iodine pills were passed out to a few of the people in the area. However potassium iodine can only be taken before a person is radiated and it only works for 24 hours of time to help prevent only thyroid cancer. It does absolutely nothing for other cancers and it does nothing for people that are already exposed to radiation before the pills are taken!

Natural Zeolite To Safely Remove Radiation From The Body

If you have been eating fish or sea life from the Pacific Ocean or if you have been exposed to airborne radiation you should think about detoxing yourself with natural micronized powdered zeolite!
There are different types of zeolite minerals and zeolites are used for many different purposes. However the only zeolite used for detoxing radiation and heavy metals from the human body is called Clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite is a safe tasteless powdered zeolite mineral with a cage like structure that ONLY heavy metals and radiated heavy metals are attracted to. The zeolite actually pulls the radiation and heavy metals into its cage like structure from the blood throughout the entire body to be held onto all the way out of the body without re-releasing any of the contaminants to cause Herxheimer type reactions. Zeolite is also known to be able to pass through the blood brain barrier as well.
Note that many other so called detox products re-release a good portion of contaminants back into the body, causing a negative Herxheimer reaction that often give flu like symptoms while only removing very little contaminants. Again zeolite does not create any negative reactions when taking it. Nor does it remove any good minerals or nutrients from the body.
Great success with Clinoptilolite zeolite being able to remove radiation / radioactive isotopes from the human body, livestock and animals was first achieved with masses of people in Russia during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown! A 30 percent reduction of radiation was accomplished after the first application of zeolite was given to radiated people by the Russian Government in the radiation danger zone and with continued doses of zeolite the radiation levels kept dropping! One creative way to get lots of zeolite into children to detox them was to bake it into cookies and brownies!
It is important to note that during the Fukushima disaster both Japan and the USA were made aware of the radiation detox benefits of zeolite. A full container load of the highest quality ingestible zeolite was offered at no cost to both the Japanese Government and to TEPCO so it could be distributed to thousands of people in the Fukushima area to remove radiation from them. However the free zeolite was refused and absolutely no zeolite was offered by the Japanese Government or TEPCO to help detox anyone at all! Only the lucky few that educated themselves to the benefits of zeolite to remove radiation purchased the proper zeolite on their own to detox themselves and their families.

IMPORTANT-----Only Purchase Proper Zeolite For Human Consumption!

When searching a proper zeolite you will find and see many different brands on the market. You need to be aware that the great majority of the zeolite products out there are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, & Not Medical Grade As It Should Be! Many of the zeolite brands on the market are for industrial use! Industrial grade zeolite products include 8-17 times the FDA legal limit for mold in any kind of mineral supplements and they actually contain very little Clinoptilolite, which is the main component in zeolite for detoxing! This goes for both liquid and other powdered zeolite products on the market! Some of these zeolite products are actually green in color and not bone white as they should be. Please be diligent and do your own research to see and agree that this information is true.
Also please know that ingestible powdered Zeolite can be stored for many years in preparation for a possible radioactive disaster or event and a growing number of people are keeping adequate amounts of zeolite on hand!
Your best resource for honest and accurate zeolite information can be found at . This website is loaded with great zeolite facts along with independent test lab reports of different zeolite products so you can see which products are not of high quality or for human consumption and which zeolite products are your best choice!
When in the website, Check out the Zeolite Pure powdered zeolite! Zeolite Pure contains absolutely no mold spores, it is super micronized for fast absorption and to break through the blood brain barrier for the best radiation or heavy metal detox, plus it has over twice the Clinoptilolite then other zeolite products.
We hope this this information has been helpful in gathering information on how to remove toxic radiation from the body!
Best Wishes And May You Always Enjoy Good Health!
Barry Cohen