Detoxing Heavy Metals From The Body

Through the years many people with high levels of Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic in their bodies have asked, "What Is The Best Heavy Metal Detox Product?" There are many to choose from and some of them include, EDTA, Chlorella, Bentonite Clay, Cilantro, and Burdock Root. All of these detox products are used for oral chelation except for EDTA which can also be applied by IV or rectally with suppositories. These particular detox products do work to remove heavy metals, however they all have drawbacks which include taking a long time to flush out heavy metals in the body and when they release the heavy metals from your body a good portion of the heavy metals will re-absorb back into the body causing the person to sometimes feel sick, often with flu like symptoms that is called a Herxheimer Reaction! Zeolite Is The Best Detox Product To Remove Heavy Metals From The Body

Here's Why!

Of all of the heavy metal detox products available to remove heavy metals from the body the natural mineral zeolite is the best choice! There are many types of zeolites, however the type of zeolite used for removing heavy metals from the body is called Clinoptilolite, The advantages this zeolite holds over the other oral chelation products are many. First of all zeolite removes heavy metals mechanically not chemically as the other products do. Heavy metals are attracted to the cage like structure and like a magnet they are pulled from the blood and into the zeolite where they are trapped and held onto all the way out of the body! This is a great advantage because people taking zeolite will not suffer from any heavy metals leaking back into the body to produce a Herxheimer Reaction, which would make them feel sick. Other advantages zeolite has over the other detox products include the added ability to balance the pH for a less acidic body and better overall health and because zeolite only targets heavy metals and it will not remove any good minerals or nutrients from the body or react to other nutrients or medications as other chelation products will and do! Clinoptilolite Zeolite is micronized into a very fine tasteless powder that can penetrate the blood brain barrier for a complete body detox and it mixes easily with juice or water to ingest and it can also be taken in a capsule form if preferred.

Be Careful To Only Purchase Proper And Quality Zeolite!

Since Clinoptilolite zeolite was discovered to be the best detox for removing heavy metals from the human body as well as from livestock and other animals, companies have been popping up claiming to sell high quality zeolite in both powdered and liquid form. Samples from many of these zeolite companies have been sent out to third party independent laboratory testing labs for analyses and it was discovered that many of these companies are selling industrial grade powdered zeolite with very low levels of Clinoptilolite that are loaded with mold spores and not mined for human consumption! It has also been discovered that the companies selling so called liquid zeolite are mixing miniscule amounts of powdered zeolite mixed with water in small eyedropper bottles to be further mixed with more water. It's a true shame that so many people are willing to cheat the public to make money for themselves.

Where To Find The Highest Quality Zeolite

See the website at where you can find lots of top quality and accurate zeolite information that also includes third party independent laboratory test results of a number of zeolite products on the market that will allow you to make the proper decision when choosing your zeolite detox products Check out this companies own product line that includes Zeolite Pure, which is sold worldwide and is without question the highest quality heavy metal detox product made from medical high grade micronized Clinoptilolite zeolite for human consumption on the market! Zeolite-AV is another quality zeolite detox product that also includes natural Humic acid that is great for people with any kind of chronic virus because AV detox's heavy metals and slows down the reproduction of virus cells while boosting the immune system! We hope that this report has been a big help for you when searching for accurate, honest information on zeolite and zeolite detox products!