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The Secrets of the Zeolite Industry Revealed

Written By: Micah Portney, MA - President of ZEO Health Ltd.

April 30, 2011


By now, most of you know about the powerful health benefits of Zeolite supplementation – Heavy metal and toxin detoxification with little or no side effects, balancing of the body’s pH, and boosting the immune system. But what is going on with all of the misinformation and controversy? Why does every company say they have the best and how do I know who is telling the truth? What is going on with this liquid versus powder argument?

I am writing you this letter to bring it all out in the open and give you all of the information about why the Zeolite industry is currently like this and how it happened, and what I am going to do about it.

Who am I and why should you believe me? Great question…

Who am I?
My name is Micah Portney and I am the person who pioneered Zeolite supplementation over 15 years ago. Zeolite itself has been around for a very long time and was used by the Russians during the Chernobyl nuclear accident to remove the radiation and heavy metal poisoning from the townspeople of Chernobyl. However, there was no Zeolite supplement industry before me or any zeolite supplement manufacturing company.  I commercialized the formal bottling, encapsulation and formulations and started the first zeolite supplement manufacturing company called ZEO Health Ltd. I made Zeolite commercially available for the general public to be able to get and use it for its powerful health benefits. I am one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about Zeolite supplementation. Almost every doctor who has been writing articles and papers on the internet calling themselves Zeolite experts, have at one time or another contacted me before calling themselves an expert. All of these people know exactly who I am, and whether or not that they like me personally, they all respect what I have done to create this industry.
You should know that I blame myself for the current craziness that has ensued in the
zeolite marketplace. While I started the industry, I did not step up to police it and unfortunately, I did not initially react when unethical businessmen, who only cared about making money, came into the industry to exploit it. I am hoping the information in this paper will set things straight. My goal is to have people understand why there is misinformation in the zeolite marketplace, to understand the true facts about the benefits of zeolite, and to bring the industry together while at the same time exposing the frauds for what they are.

Zeolite’s natural form and the history of the liquid
Zeolite is a silicate based mineral and has the consistency of sand. When micronized, it can get down to a very fine powder. There have been many independent studies about its usefulness in health. I will get to the different types later but for now you should understand that it is naturally a solid when found in nature. Zeolite has a negative charge which acts like a magnet to pull toxins and heavy metals out of the cells of the body.  It works because of a cage structure which is very beneficial for trapping the heavy metals and toxins so your body is never re-exposed to them when they are pulled out of the cells. This is why there are very little side effects compared to other detox products which flood your body with all of these toxins at once and cause what is called a healing crisis (diarrhea, nausea, etc).
This cage structure is important for the history of what developed.  A man (who I later became very friendly with) understood the beneficial results that Zeolite was getting in independent studies with cancer. He hypothesized that if he could liquefy it, he would be able to inject the Zeolite directly into tumors to get these health benefits. He patented the process he used to liquefy the zeolite just in case it worked. The bottom line is that it did not work because the end result of the process was that it destroyed the beneficial cage structure of the Zeolite. He never claimed that what he created was a Zeolite any longer after this process.

Having something be effective, and whether it will sell, are completely two different
things. Efficacy was of no concern when these unethical businessmen stepped in. They licensed the rights to sell this liquid from this man who had the best intentions from his process. They marketed this liquid as ingestible and paid this man a licensing fee. They started selling this liquid through Multi Level Marketing and called it liquid ‘Zeolite’ so they could use all of the scientific data on the real Zeolite mineral to sell this liquid so they never had to prove that that the liquid was effective.

To make a long story short, as all unethical business people do, they became greedy when the millions of dollars started pouring in and wanted to keep the money all for themselves. They stopped paying the licensing fee to the creator and a lawsuit ensued. The short version of the story is that the Multilevel Marketing Company marketing this liquid could no longer use the creator’s process and changed the way they manufactured the product. The product is now simply very small amounts of micronized Zeolite mixed in water. During the time of their revenue growth, other companies saw the money that could be made so without any care about the effectiveness of the products that they were creating, other companies jumped on the “liquid” zeolite bandwagon. In fact, you now have a whole marketplace of liquid zeolite products because of a few greedy people marketing an unproven product. In fact, all of these liquid zeolite products use very tiny amounts of zeolite in their products and charge huge mark ups. Let me repeat that –


What does this mean? There is no such thing as a “liquid” zeolite. They are all
powdered zeolite suspended in a liquid such as water, Humic Acid, etc… In other
words, there is really no liquid versus powdered controversy because all zeolite products use powdered zeolite.

So how did this Liquid versus Powder thing start then?

Remember those unethical businessmen who started this MLM liquid zeolite company?  Well they approached me when they first started the MLM company and were interested in buying my powdered zeolite company in 2003. Their exact quote was that they wanted to corner the zeolite market by owning the best zeolite powder company as well as the liquid MLM. After detailed research and finding some information about their past business deals with other companies, my gut instinct told me to stay away from them.  When I wouldn’t sell to them, they asked about a partnership. I also declined.

When they realized that they could not own my company, they started writing marketing papers (which they called scientific papers) telling their distributors that the powder was not effective (even though they used the powder studies as their scientific evidence that Zeolite was effective) and further created plausible facts like liquid could get to the cells in the body quicker. The thing to remember here is that these are marketing people. Not real scientists. They are very good at marketing. The misrepresented facts sounded like they could make sense, which is what good marketers do. All of this information conflicts with the true facts that have published and continue to confuse people who read conflicting information. In addition, the Zeolite is the wild west, where anyone can claim to be a zeolite expert and who may have a vested interest in modifying information to sell ineffective products (or who may have learned the wrong information and don’t even realize that they are perpetuating misinformation).

The bottom line is that I probably will never get rich doing the proper thing and not
getting involved with these type of businessmen. I am ok with the reality that I just make a normal living, drive an everyday car, own a small home, and get to sleep at night knowing that I am helping people change their lives for the better with effective and beneficial zeolite products.

Who is this NURSE that sells “liquid”Zeolite all over the internet?

Shelley Penney was part of the MLM Company that the unethical businessmen created and was one of their biggest distributors. Unfortunately, with her trusting nature, she was tricked by the information given to her by the unethical MLM businessmen. Many of these distributors never question the MLM and blindly believe all of the information fed to them. Eventually, we showed her proof of testing the liquid zeolite with an independent lab which showed the liquid zeolite having about 20 times less Zeolite than they claimed on the label (which is against FDA and GMP manufacturing regulations) as well as the purity of that zeolite only being 67%. We also explained that any product suspended in water has the possibility of growing microbial bacteria without some sort of preservative (there are natural preservatives). At first she could not believe it, until she had the product tested by her own independent lab. Shelley questioned the MLM company management asking for real answers from the owners and Chief Scientific Officer (a partner in the manufacturing company and consultant who sells the liquid zeolite product to the MLM company). They provided her with more lies without any evidence to back their claims. This time however, she was not to be fooled and asked for proof of their explanations (which of course they could not provide). She was embarrassed by being involved with this company and selling such an inferior product to her customers with her name behind it. She was determined to make things right and bravely retracted her old misinformation and was even more focused to get the truth out to people to let them know what she discovered. It takes a real quality person to admit that they had the wrong information and do everything to make sure people know the truth about the lies and misinformation that is disseminated by the MLM company to confuse people so they can sell more product.

I have learned a lot about Shelley Penney and I respect how she has handled the bad situation that this MLM put her in. I am now glad to call her a friend. Make sure that you take the time to read her liquid zeolite book and blogs to get the most up to date information on the secrets of the Zeolite industry. She is always up to date on her sites. You can visit it at www.theliquidzeolitebook.com.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the actual results of the analysis of the MLM liquid Zeolite, I have provided you with a copy of the independent test lab results for the original MLM liquid Zeolite and my email summarizing the results to my associates at the end of this whitepaper.

While consuming the liquid Zeolite probably won’t hurt you (except for your wallet) and you may even see some very slight health benefits from the very small amounts of Zeolite in them, imagine the benefits you would get if you were to take the doses that were shown effective in the scientific studies?

So what have I learned since creating the Zeolite supplement industry? 

I have learned that some people are really interested in a Zeolite product that is delivered in a suspension form which is convenient for them to take. Being on the cutting edge of Zeolite technology and formulation, I formulated a product which has 100 times more micronized zeolite in it than the original MLM liquid zeolite product that is proven to be inadequate. I am doing it right and making a product which will be extremely effective and help people as advertised. We are using the latest development in micronization technology from ZEO Health Ltd. using our micronized zeolite which is mined specifically for human consumption. It is processed by first pasteurizing and suspending the zeolite using a natural preservative which will ensure safety and never allow microbial or bacterial growth. I also added vitamin D3, which if you pay attention to the news recently, has published studies all over the place with the health benefits it provides. I also formulated it with a vitamin which will increase energy and oxygen in the blood flow which will help the zeolite to be carried more efficiently throughout the body.  The best news is that it also tastes really good which helps with getting people to want to take it on a daily basis. The product is called Zetox® and you can expect to see it in the near future.

What solutions are you putting in place to ensure that the zeolite industry can come together with true facts and ethical and effective products?

I have trademarked our ZEO Health logo as a service logo and propose an oversight solution to the industry. Any zeolite manufacturer who believes that they have a quality product, can present their product and data (which we will have our independent labs certify with their own studies and research) and be certified to use our logo on their products. Seeing this logo will ensure to the public that a true company with expert knowledge on zeolite supplementation has reviewed the product and confirmed that it has the following:

Enough zeolite in the dosage to be beneficial for their health claims.

Manufactured under GMP certification and has the amount of effective ingredients claimed on the label.

The zeolite used in the product is fit for human consumption and not commercial grade zeolite, which is used for cat litter, cement filler, toxic cleanups, etc.. (This is a very important feature since most companies don’t know how to source zeolite properly for human consumption).

The logo to look for is this:


So while it has been a rollercoaster of a ride with the manipulation of facts which has confused a lot of people, there has been some good to come of it. More people are aware of Zeolite and its health benefits. Further development of technology and new products for the future of Zeolite supplementation and a certification process for ensuring which zeolite products have true science behind them.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this information and may it find you in good

Enjoy the email and lab reports below on the MLM liquid Zeolite company.


Dear Friends of Zeolite,

Everyone in the marketplace has been dealing with the misinformation of facts about Zeolite from the liquid Zeolite MLM company. I don't know why I had not thought of this years before, but I decided to get my hands on 10 bottles of the MLM liquid Zeolite product in order to have it tested by an independent lab. The sample is called NCD2010. The lab took ten 15ml bottles of the liquid Zeolite product and evaporated the liquid out of it in order to get down to the powder and test it. They
air dried it to make sure that only water evaporated from the sample, leaving all other ingredients intact.
The bottle claim is 24mg of Zeolite per serving and 100 servings per

Therefore, there should be 2400mg per 15ml bottle. At ten bottles, this  should = 24000mg. As you can see by the lab report, after the liquid from 10 bottles were evaporated, they ended up with 2.3 grams (2300mg) of powder remnants (we haven't said that this was Zeolite yet). This is less than what is claimed in a single bottle. If you divide the 2300mg by 10 bottles, you get 230mg per bottle. When you divide that by the 100 doses that they claim, you are getting only 2.3mg per serving
instead of the 24mg that they claim.

Are you still with me? I know, math is hard. So the lab then took the powder and analyzed it to see what the purity of Zeolite is. As you can see, they came up with 67% pure. So this means that if there are 230mg of powder per bottle and it is only 67% Zeolite, you end up with 154.1mg of Zeolite per bottle or a total of 1.5mg of Zeolite per dose compared to the 24mg per dose that they claim. By the way, for your viewing pleasure, the lab also gave you the elemental breakdown of the liquid Zeolite, including the heavy metal levels. I remind you that making false label claims is against FDA regulations and against the law and puts all natural supplements under attack and scrutiny due to the bad example that these companies set for
the supplement industry as a whole.


Micah Portney

ZEO Health Ltd.

December 15, 2010
Independent Zeolite Lab reports
Independent lab report page 2
Independent lab Report page 3

 Zeolite HAS NOT been approved by the FDA as a treatment for cancer or any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on www.zeolite.com has been compiled to provide information about Zeolite. Always consult
a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE:The FDA has listed  Zeolite on the GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

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