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Regal Supplements Affiliate program vs. Waiora Distributor system

We compared the attributes of the Regal Supplements affiliate program and MLM distributor system.  Our findings are listed in the chart below.

Some questions you should ask in comparing programs Click logo to go to affiliate sign up MLM
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Are there any start-up fees?

No hurdles or obstacles for you to receive the money you've earned.  You sell a product to someone, we pay you.  It is as simple as that.

$29.95 New Members kit 
(Plus $14.99 annual renewal fee),

Distributors are required to purchase products personally before they can receive any commissions, adding to the cost of business for any distributor.

What is the pay structure?  How much will I get paid?

Very simple pay structure at Regal Supplements.  

20% commission for any product you sell. 

7% commission for any product a sub-affiliate of yours sells.  

It’s simplest math.

Pay structure is not only based on sales volume but a distibutor's personal volume.  In otherwords, you have to buy product personally in order to get paid for the items you sell.

Pays 7% commission for products sold but if you don't buy enough MLM products that month, you won't be paid your commission.  A person might have to buy $100 dollars worth of product personally just to recieve the $50 they earned in commissions.  

Do you keep real-time statistics? 
Real-time statistics, readily accessible in the members profile area.  

An affiliate can check their sales at any time.

Sales report once a month.  

when your pay structure is that complicated you need a month to say, "hey, you made a sale!"

Where I can see all of my Sub affiliate information (downline)?
Easily accessible in the members area.
You must order a special report to get your organization structure. 

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The Bottom Line:  

The Regal Supplements program is based on simplicity and transparency.  There are no hurdles between you and the money you earn.  When you compare it to the complications and the ambiguity of the MLM system you see a world of difference. 

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DISCLAIMER: Zeolite HAS NOT been approved by the FDA as a treatment for cancer or any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented on www.zeolite.com

UPDATE:The FDA has listed Zeolite on the GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe.) has been compiled to provide information about Zeolite. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product. Use at your own risk.

Zeolite has a honeycomb-like
structure that traps Toxins
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