Best Detox For Firefighters----It is a statistical fact that the average firefighter will live 10 years less then the average man or woman in the general public! There is also a better chance that firefighters will become disabled from sickness and disease which will force them to retire far before the normal retirement age. This is due to the constant occupational exposures to chemical toxins and toxic heavy metals while on the job protecting peoples lives and property.
These disease causing toxic exposures to burning materials include brominated flame retardants, solvents, PCB's, exhaust fumes, pesticides, Glyphosate herbicides, fungicides, plastics, chemically treated wood and many other toxins! Exposures to burning heavy metal toxins include cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury, copper and chromium as well as exposures to radioactive toxic heavy metals in factories, medical facilities  and commercial building fires.
Firefighters that specialize in fighting wildfires are exposed to all kinds of unknown burning toxins that they come into contact with from old structures and areas that can be loaded with toxic chemicals!
The Importance For Firefighters To Detox Their Bodies
It is extremely Important that all firefighters are aware that they need to be proactive about detoxing to remove the accumulative chemicals and toxic heavy metals that they come in contact with out their bodies to maintain their health and extend their lives!
Measures that firefighters can take to stay healthy include eating a healthy diet while eating detoxifying herbs that include Cilantro, Chlorella , Spirulina and Apple Pectin, working out to the extent of breaking a good sweat and spending therapeutic time in sauna rooms to further sweat out many of the chemical toxins from their bodies! It is important to take a shower both before and after doing saunas to flush the toxins off of the skin to prevent reabsorption.
IMPORTANT TO READ---Many firefighters and other people are not aware that the bodies own detox system which is the liver and kidneys are not able to do a good enough detox job of flushing heavy metal toxins out of the body for a proper detox. This is why the toxic heavy metals continue to build up in our bodies to suppress our immune systems! Because of this fact it is important to know that there is a 100% natural heavy metal detox product called Zeolite Pure that is unmatched for detoxing the entire body to safely remove the built up toxic heavy metals all the way out of the body!
If you have a friend or family member that is a firefighter please tell them about Zeolite Pure and refer them to this important article!
How Zeolite Pure Does The Detox And Removes The Toxic Heavy Metals Out Of The Body
Zeolite Pure is made from a volcanic mineral called Clinoptilolite. It is mined underground and then crushed into a powder. It is then micronized to be made into a finer powder to be between 0-40 microns of size. To take Zeolite Pure just mix it into water, juice or into a smoothie and drink it down. The Zeolite Pure will then travel through the bloodstream and into the bodies organs, including the Gut where the immune system is located to do the detox for removing the toxic heavy metals.
Zeolite Pure micronized powder has a cage like structure with a natural negative charge. The Toxic heavy metals in the body have a positive charge that is attracted into the cages of the zeolite like a magnet where they are held into place like a magnet as the zeolite with attached heavy metals continue to travel throughout the body while continuing to pick up and hold onto additional heavy metals.
Zeolite Pure will then exit out of the body through the stool and urine without causing side effects or reactions. However as with any type of detox it is always important to drink plenty of water to keep flushing the heavy metals out of the body during the detox.
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